Holiday, Family, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Lover Security Tips for Marijuana Growers

Holiday, Family, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Lover Security Tips for Marijuana Growers

Marijuana growers have a right to sell their fine hydroponics bud for $400 an ounce because marijuana growing significantly affects your personal life.

And the effects on your personal life are most seen during Christmas, Thanksgiving, other holiday seasons, or whenever friends, family, or associates want to visit you where you grow your marijuana.

The same is true if you have to have repair or maintenance people at your house.

I read here on about a scary experience a marijuana grower had with Comcast technicians.

The first fact is every person who knows or suspects that you grow marijuana, even in the most legalized marijuana states like Colorado, is a potential disaster for you.

The second fact is that a marijuana grow room is very hard to totally conceal from people inside your dwelling.

If people are in your home (especially family members with children) your hydroponics HID lights, marijuana smell, fans and other climate control, and your marijuana grow room daily obligations are almost certain to be noticed.

And as much as I’d like to be optimistic about human nature, loyalty, friendship, and good karma, in my experience, if anybody other than you knows you’re growing marijuana, marijuana growers are exposed to security risks that can lead you to being busted, blackmailed, or ripped off.

My strategy for dealing with this risk is to live like a marijuana monk.

I don’t allow anybody (other than my woman) into my home. I don’t have parties or sleepovers.

I do almost all my repairs and home maintenance myself.

It’s hard to live like a marijuana monk and at the same time have a “normal” in-home social life.

If you absolutely cannot avoid having people in your home, here are security tips for marijuana growers that can minimize your risk:

  • Set your marijuana growing schedule and seasons, especially lights-on cycle, so your hydroponics lights, fan, C02, venting, and other indoor grow op infrastructure aren’t on when people are in your home.
  • Time your harvesting so you have no marijuana plants living with you when guests are visiting.
  • Amp up your odor control way beyond normal. You’re used to marijuana odor. Visitors aren’t. You don’t want your father in law walking in to your house this Christmas and saying, “It smells like a skunk in here.”
  • Lock your grow room door and keep it locked the entire time anybody is in your house.
  • If somebody asks you why the door is locked, make up a plausible excuse, such as it’s a storage room, you’re doing repairs, etc.
  • Don’t say a word about marijuana to anyone.
  • Don’t have vaporizers, bongs, bubblers, marijuana magazines, hashish, buds, or any other marijuana items visible or easily accessible in your home.
  • Remember that children, especially little ones, are curious and energetic rug rats. They like to “explore” and can open doors, cabinets, etc. Childproof your home.
  • Set limits for how long people stay, who visits, and what kind of access they can expect to your home territory.
  • If you allow people to stay overnight in your home, and especially if they’re snoopy people who are anti-marijuana, you’re asking for trouble.

As a marijuana grower who wants a social life and security, you must carefully manage who you let into your life and home, and it will definitely affect Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other socializing at your hydroponics marijuana grow op.

Follow these security tips for marijuana growers, and your life will be a lot safer.

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