Hitting Medical Hydroponics Marijuana Home Runs

One thing you can count on with medical hydroponics marijuana growers: we want the most bud for the smallest investment.

You see it when people ask these questions about hydroponics nutrients and gear:

“Why are there so many products? Can’t I just use base nutrients and a bloom booster? Can’t I just grow using soil and water?”

I hear such questions all the time, and I thought about them when I was at my recent high school reunion, because something that happened in high school, and the consequences years later, provides insight that applies to marijuana growers and everyone else.

All those years ago, some of my fellow high school students wanted to be professional athletes. This was especially true of our school’s two sports stars, Dave and Jeff.

These lucky guys were born with genetics that made them fast, strong, highly-coordinated, and competitive, and their parents provided encouragement and coaching.

In high school, Dave and Jeff were on multiple sports teams. They got the hottest girls, and the loudest applause.

The rest of us watched with pleasure (and a little envy) as they hit towering home runs, caught touchdown passes one-handed looking backwards, kicked rocket balls into the back of the soccer net.

They were truly impressive guys…their speed, balance and sport-specific skills attracted scouts and colleges. But there was one important difference between these two dudes: Dave loved learning, and Jeff didn’t.

Dave lapped it up when coaches and trainers showed him game films, told him to try different bats and gloves, directed him to read books on the “inner game” of being an athlete.

Jeff just liked to be out on the field, or in the woods with a certain cheerleader. He barely passed his classes.

As senior year ended, Dave had several scholarship offers, and three pro offers. Jeff had one scholarship offer and one pro offer.

As it turned out, Dave did well in college baseball, until an injury stopped him. He went on to earn a law degree.

Jeff joined a “farm team” hoping to work his way up to Major League Baseball, but his lack of work ethic, his womanizing, and a drinking problem ended that dream.

At our 20-year reunion, I was glad to see these guys. Dave has done better than most of us. No surprise there.

Jeff stumbled through life. We felt bad for him, but he chose his fate. He wanted the easy way, and so lost his chance to win the prize.

For hydroponics marijuana growers, it’s the same game, on a different field…

Marijuana genetics are what they are. What makes the difference is how much you know as a grower, how much work you’re willing to do, how much you’re willing to invest in the best hydroponics gear, how much you hunger to hit those hydroponics home runs.

Are you excited to get the best seeds and clones, build a perfect marijuana grow environment, and use the only medical marijuana hydroponics nutrients system?

Or are you on cruise control, growing mid-grade crops, robbing yourself of bigger buds and more THC?

It doesn’t make any sense to me, but some people just don’t care enough to max their marijuana knowledge, equipment, or yields.

Others are truly dedicated to being at the top of their game. Marijuana growers who want to win are reading this right now and saying, “Hell yeah, I want the best hydroponics products, I want to be a master grower, I want to medicate with the cleanest, best-tasting buds coated in THC!”

Your commitment to excellence ensures you’ll be hitting hydroponics home runs in your marijuana grow room, or on a baseball field. Your plants are waiting for you. Time to play ball, growers, so let’s play to win. The reward is in the smoking!

Daniel Dharma has a master’s degree that combines religious studies, neuropsychology and counseling. He’s spent years examining the inner terrain of medical marijuana use, culture and gardening.

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