Having A Happy Hydroponics Marijuana Thanksgiving

As we look forward to yummy food, hard-hitting football, and happy friends and family during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, hydroponics marijuana growers have special reasons to be thankful.

Thanksgiving started when Native Americans generously providing life-saving assistance to immigrant pilgrims who came to the “North American” continent from Europe in the 1600s.

Without Native American help, the pilgrims would have frozen, starved and died off.

The first “Thanksgiving” (in 1621) was a rare moment when English settlers extended thanks to Native Americans.

What many people don’t know is that Thanksgiving coincides with harvest festivals, and hemp was the most important crop early European settlers harvested.

British settlers brought cannabis hemp seeds to North America because they were commanded by the King of England to plant hemp in the “new world.”

Hydroponics marijuana growers know all about giving harvest thanks….

After tending our cannabis girls week after week, protecting them from insects and diseases, watching our buds grow bigger and resin glands more gooey with THC, finally comes that sweet moment when you’re ready to cut, dry, cure and smoke those buds!

Hydroponics marijuana growers have more to be thankful for than most people.

Instead of relying on profit-driven pharmaceutical companies and doctors who hand you a prescription for something that can kill you, you grow hydroponics marijuana plants that give you the medicine you need.

Instead of relying on alcohol for getting in the mood for partying and celebration, you use cannabis that gives you the fun you really want.

I’m thankful for bubblehash, dabs, rosin, and the other hydroponics marijuana concentrates that add variety to getting stoned.

We’re thankful for the increase in online hydroponics marijuana cultivation data. Now that is here for you, you’ve got all the information you need to grow your biggest buds ever.

What else are hydroponics marijuana growers be grateful for?

We thank the handful of people in the hydroponics industry who create marijuana-specific hydroponics lighting, deep water culture irrigation systems, aeroponics cloners, and other gear that pumps your marijuana growth rates, THC percentages, and harvest weight.

We’re thankful for hydroponics nutrients pioneers like Michael Straumietis, whose Advanced Nutrients scientists designed pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients that deliver food into your plants better and faster than Santa Claus delivers presents at Christmas!

Props also go out to marijuana breeders like Subcool, whose TGA Seeds finally put North American cannabis breeders on the map.

We’re seeing more and better strains of marijuana, including autoflowering strains that go from seed to harvest in 70 days or less.

And we’re thankful for Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and the marijuana plant itself.

You’ve got to feel awe and gratefulness to the processes that brought our solar system into existence, creating our one of a kind planet with all its animals and plants that exist nowhere else in the universe.

Among earth’s living jewels is Mary Jane, a plant that gives us food, fuel, fiber, oil, building materials, paper…and a beautiful medicine that enriches our lives.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, celebrate the blessing of growing the healing herb using tools and techniques that didn’t exist ten years ago.

Enjoy the holidays!

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