Cannabis plant Grown with Advanced Nutrients(photo courtesy of @ravenscorner54)

Success Stories From The Growing Advanced Nutrients Family, Part 3

Growing is a journey that can take us anywhere. It can test our patience, and it can provide a series of small victories along the way to the ultimate goal of a healthy, bountiful harvest. We spoke to three different growers who use Advanced Nutrients products about the ins and outs of their process and what they’ve learned in their growing journeys. For the final interview, we chatted with Tyler Osmond, an experienced grower from St. John’s, Newfoundland. This is what he told us.

Big Buds: What compelled you to start growing?
Osmond: Not only would I save myself some cash, but I would also know what was used to grow my medicine if I did it myself. I was also very interested in growing marijuana because it’s a lifelong trade that always has some type of new knowledge to learn.

Big Buds: What was the learning curve when you started growing?
Osmond: I think I was actually in a pretty good place when I started growing. Around that time was when everyone went from forums to using social media. I found that was an easier way for people to post about their production and products. A lot more people know how to use a social media app than to read a forum. It was almost like everyone followed the trend, and it put some great growers in the spotlight. If you paid attention to what they were doing, you could gain a lot of knowledge — it was almost there at your fingertips.

Cannabis plants grown with Advanced Nutrients

(photo courtesy of @ravenscorner54)

Big Buds: Where did you learn the foundations of growing?
Osmond: I had a great group of buddies that had experience. I liked to read; I’d always just go online and read about what I wanted to know. I’d watch YouTube videos some nights until 4 a.m. Those nights when I was really puzzled I’d just dial up the Advanced Nutrients grower support line.

Big Buds: What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned?
Osmond: The most valuable thing I’ve learned is that marijuana is more than a plant. It’s a medicine, and every different strain has different medical benefits that could eliminate thousands — maybe millions — of pharmaceutical pills currently being prescribed.

Big Buds: Can you share pointers or tips on what you’ve learned over the years?
Osmond: I got to where I am by communicating with other growers and putting in hard work. I think if the knowledge is there, let it be known. Everyone deserves a shot.

Big Buds: What’s the most important thing to consider when growing?
Osmond: The most important thing to consider when growing, in my opinion, is that a plant is a plant, and it grows best in its natural habitat and climates. So if you’re growing indoors, I think the most important thing to consider is to make the plants feel at home.

Advanced Nutrients Products

(photo courtesy of @ravenscorner54)

Big Buds: How did you start using Advanced Nutrients products?
Osmond: I start using Advanced Nutrients products because of the results and consistency of them, and for the pH Perfect technology when it comes to those “picky” strains to grow.

Big Buds: How do Advanced Nutrients products differ from other products?
Osmond: Because you save time simply by not having to pH your water. Time is money. Also, there’s such a great selection of additives and base nutrients. I’m a firm believer that you get back what you put in.

Big Buds: What else are you trying to learn with growing?
Osmond: Right now, I’m focused on improving my drying and curing skills.

Big Buds: What do you do when faced with a growing challenge or problem?
Osmond: When I’m faced with a growing challenge or problem, I’ll reach out to a friend of mine. If not, I’ll go online to Instagram and reach out to some guys on there that have plenty of years of great knowledge; I’ll go on YouTube and watch video after video; or spend numerous hours reading online. But if I’m in a critical situation and I need to solve my problem fast or get the best tips, I call the Advanced Nutrients grower support line. Those guys are gurus!

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