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Growing The Top Exotic Hydroponics Marijuana Strains

Blue Dream, Haze, OG Kush, Diesel, Purps. Very kind bud, but getting tired of seeing the same marijuana strains over and over?

The good news is it pays to grow what nobody else is growing, or what they’ve never even heard of!

When you can slide into your local smoky room or medical marijuana dispensary and offer exotic connoisseur strains, your rep goes up, and so does your bank account.

So I’ve been digging hard to find marijuana that’ll give you cache and cash, and here are some lesser-known strains we don’t see enough of:

CannaSutra, from Delta-9 Seeds: This innovative Dutch seed company is on the rise as it focuses on rare landrace and hybridized strains.

Among their best is CannaSutra, a mostly-Indica that comes from a mix of Reclining Buddha and Sensi Star. Even though CannaSutra is mostly-Indica, it has a stimulative rather than sedative high.

Growers find it does well with a high-ppm feed program that includes Big Bud bloom booster.

Because CannaSutra is known as a late-season sprinter, you should also use Overdrive to increase weight and THC percentages in the final 2-3 weeks of bloom phase. CannaSutra has an average 65-70 day bloom phase, and can handle indoor hydroponics or outdoor environments.

Trim early to create a densely-structured plant, and give a larger than average expanded root zone so you get big yields of this luscious, rare strain.

Qrazy Train, from TGA Genetics: Big Buds writer-photographer Subcool is also a world-class marijuana breeder! Not only does he create fun names for his strains, he also has a wide menu of  excellent marijuana strains that run the gamut from Sativa to Indica and back again.

Subcool is recognized as one of North America’s most-respected cannabis breeders and his strains are increasingly valued in Europe, with praise coming in from Dutch marijuana breeders.

His Qrazy Train is a 50-50 Indy/Sat that’s the result of a breeding program that involves hot strains like Jack the Ripper, Black Train Wreck, Trinity, Querkle, and Space Queen. You get a fast-growing marijuana that puts forth a high that is uplifting and body-aiding, with a large yield and a lot of resin.

Growers report that you get 2-3 dynamite phenotypes out of these cannabis genetics, which means you get to choose your favorites for motherplants. Beautiful color and massive crystals! Check out this online grow report to see gorgeous pictures and a super-duper cultivation diary on Qrazy Train.

The grower uses Advanced Nutrients organics, and is getting beautiful results!

Yumbolt, from Sagarmatha Seeds: Tony from Sagarmatha is one of the friendliest and most reliable Dutch seed breeders. His Yumbolt is an Indica Cannabis Cup winner that knocks you back on your couch and soothes even the most restless mind.

You can harvest her after 60-70 days in bloom time, but as with many pure Indicas, watch out for the smell, both during bloom phase and after she’s dried and cured.

Originating in the high mountains of good ol’ Afghanistan, Yumbolt will grow out to be a short, dense plant that can handle harsh outdoor conditions, or pampered indoor hydroponics.

Outer Space: This strong Sativa hybrid is a regional marijuana favorite in the Intermountain West. It was produced by crossing Island Sweet Skunk with Trinity.

The background genetics for Island Sweet Skunk are BC Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Big Skunk #1.  You get an immediate and almost overwhelming Sativa high from this strain, which is known for its rather strange aroma and taste.

Count on 10-12 weeks in bloom phase, and remember that Sativa-dominant plants need premium hydroponics nutrients in lower-than-average amounts during bloom phase. As with many rare strains, Outer Space appears to be a “clone-only line,” which means you have to be hooked up to in-the-know growers or dispensaries to get your hands on it.  And if you do get your hands on it, get some great seeds, grow some males, and breed it.

Motavation, from Serious Seeds: On the other end of the spectrum from Outer Space is this fast-maturing Indica from one of Holland’s most respected marijuana seed breeders.

Known for AK-47 and Bubble Gum, Serious Seeds took on another specialty line of cannabis genetics developed by Gerrit from Magus Genetics when Gerrit decided to take a break from breeding. Serious Seeds inherited Gerritt’s Magus marijuana fathers and mothers. Motavation features a lineage of Starwarz and Medizin Power.

Easy to grow, Motavation has a couchlock high that still provides enough THC so you get mental stimulation as well. Feed heavy for this relatively short (50-60 day) bloom phase, and you’ll get loads of gooey buds.

Kushberry, from DNA Genetics: Another of the amazing Dutch seed companies that combine North American genetics with Dutch breeding techniques,

DNA has combined an OG Kush with a Blueberry to give you a rare combination of variant genetics that breed true and yield well. You’ll get the usual Kush high, but tinged with Sativa influences. Although you’re looking at 50-65 days in bloom phase, Kushberry tends to grow short and sturdy.

If you pour on the light, a high-ppm hydroponics base nutrients program, and Kushie Kush (the industry’s only Kush-specific bloom booster), and give your plants some room, you see high yields of aromatic, powerful bud.

Jack Herer, from Sensi Seeds: Everybody’s heard of Jack Herer—the deceased hemp-marijuana author and activist. Connoisseur marijuana lovers have also heard of Jack Herer, the marijuana strain.

Some dispensaries carry this strain, and more and more people are growing it, but I still consider it under-produced.

Grown from seed, you get a surprise: the strain has four variations that you should save and breed.

Three of the variations are Sativa-heavy; one of them is Indica-dominant.

The mixture of Sativa and Indica genetics gives you a broad range of effects. The quintessential Jack Herer high is unlike any other type of marijuana in that it keeps you awake, but you get a burst of creativity and relaxation.

For marijuana growers, Jack Herer is a sweet strain that has lots of Sativa but short bloom phase (50-72 days) with massive resin production and weight.  Feed the taste/aroma enhancer Bud Candy to bring out theperfumey scent and taste of this much-awarded marijuana strain.

Black Diamond OG Kush: I said earlier that people are getting tired of regular OG Kush and its known derivatives, but I believe they’ll go for a Kush strain when it’s a specialty version like Black Diamond.

The first time I heard about this strain, the people talking to me about it weren’t sure if it was Black Diamond or Black Domina.

As I researched the strain they were describing, it became clear that this was not Black Domina. Instead it’s a Diamond Kush crossed with a Blackberry strain.

As you might expect, Black Diamond is 100% Indica and you will be getting lots of pain-free sleep when you hit it. This is not a strain for people who want creativity, lots of laughter and talking, or mental stimulation.

It’s a medical herb with up to 25% THC, and it hits real hard. As with all Kush strains, be sure to use Kushie Kush during the bloom cycle (Black Diamond finishes in 50-70 days) for extra weight and resin production.

With its Afghanica heritage, Black Diamond grows short and dense, especially if you do an early cut. Growers tell me that Black Diamond does best in carefully-balanced DWC systems, and cooler than average lights-off temperatures. Get a hold of this strain if you can. People are raving about its taste, aroma and potency.

So now you’ve got some new marijuana strains to grow.

Especially if you’re growing for dispensaries or friends, it always helps to have something nobody else has. If you have experience with growing or using the strains I’ve talked about here, know how to get seeds or clones of them, or have other rare strains you want to talk about, our comments section is always open for you. 

How do you get these rare strains? Most of them are available by seed.

But lots of people complain to me about the marijuana seed re-selling industry, and I will be doing an article about that soon…based on personal experience and reports from professional growers as we’ve ordered cannabis seeds online. At present, I feel comfortable recommending seedmadness.com, a UK-based re-seller who have impressed me with their honesty, professionalism and seed menu.

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