OG Kush Medical Marijuana

Growing OG Kush Medical Marijuana That’s Dripping with THC

Growing Kush, OG Kush, Grape Kush, Mango Kush, Bubba Kush, Purple Kush, or any other variety of Kush medical marijuana or hybrid Kush is an art and science. With Kush rated as the number one or number two strain at medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the West, and retail prices between $375-600 per oz., Kush is increasingly seen in medical marijuana grow rooms.

The original Kush is said to have originated in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the hardy strain of predominantly-Indica cannabis survived in the harsh conditions of high mountains and cold weather. But what people today call “Kush” is sometimes an Indica-Sativa mix that doesn’t always look or medicate you like a 100% pure Indica.

The typical medical effects of Kush are that after you have consumed a small amount…say, one half gram in a bong, you notice your troubles have all melted away, the couch suddenly seems to have wrapped you in a warm embrace, and any pain you had a moment ago is blotted out by the sweet Kush feeling.

Kush is seen as a kind of “insider strain” by some Southern Californians who say it came from a special “Chemdawg” strain and is only available by clone and not by seed. In fact, I’ve seen people get into shouting matches at medical marijuana dispensaries and marijuana conventions- arguing about the high prices, bud characteristics, clones, medical effects and origins of Kush.

Kush is almost a cult religion in the California medical marijuana world, and growers are always looking for ways to increase the yield and potency of their Kush because so many patients want it and are willing to pay top dollar for it. They’re looking for the very tight buds, pine-diesel scent, and intense coloration that Kush medical marijuana is known for. And they’re looking for hydroponics growing techniques that push Kush to new heights.

You’re surely aware that hydroponics growers use bloom boosters to power up their buds beyond what bloom base nutrients can achieve. Most hydroponics bloom boosters are designed backwards- too much phosphorus and not enough potassium. They might have the wrong forms of potassium and phosphorus. When they’re combined with high-phosphorus base nutrients, they burn plants, slow maturation and interfere with bud development.

Not only that, an overdose of phosphorus can store in your Kush buds and cause you to hack and gag with you medicate. This can happen even if you flush your crops.

A couple of years ago, hydroponics scientists figured out the best way to put a smile on Kush growers’ faces was to get clones of all the known, authentic, stable, reliable Kush varieties and test them to find out exactly what propels Kush to create the highest-THC Kush medical marijuana crops.

After the scientists discovered the correct nutrients ratios for a Kush-specific bloom booster, they went the extra mile to blend in special extracts and additives that also push Kush to add THC and weight.

This Kush medical marijuana bloom booster is called Kushie Kush and you use it from the start of your bloom phase until 5-6 weeks in. According to Kush growers in Santa Cruz, Ventura, Malibu, Hollywood and other Kush Territory, Kushie Kush delivers larger, more colorful, and more crystally Kush flowers. Many of us hope that this same kind of strain-specific research will be done for Haze and other heritage marijuana strains.

Along with using Kushie Kush, Kush marijuana growers should give their blooming Kush plants a slightly cooler than average environment (perhaps 1-3 degrees Fahrenheit) and a less humid environment (no higher than 50% humidity). This promotes the tighter bud growth that Kush is famous for. Be sure to check us out for more Kush-growing tips in future articles.

Friends, when you get to harvest time and enjoy those rock-hard, THC-infused Kush nuggets, you’re at the forefront of medical marijuana cultivation!

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