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Growing Marijuana Using LED Grow Lights

After I read the BigBudsMag.com article about Lush LED grow lights for marijuana, I bought their Dominator XL.

It cost about $750 more than if I’d bought a reflector, ballast, and bulbs to run an HID grow light that would give me the same coverage area.

But I calculated the savings in electricity, bulb wear-out, yield and resin content per watt, and other factors, and decided that the LED would be a good investment.

In the past, I borrowed other brands of LED grow lights from grower friends, and after using the units (two of them failed), I returned them after one crop cycle.

But based on what I read on BigBudsMag.com, I believed that Lush would give me the LED experience I’d always been hoping for.

Now I want to share with other cannabis growers about my experiences so far.

First of all, the Lush grow light came with two booklets that have much useful information you never get when you buy other grow lights.

They explain how plants use light to run photosynthesis, and that the quality, wavelengths, and quantity of light greatly influence plant growth.

They also explain exactly how to size and space your grow room lighting array so you get the maximum coverage and benefit from your LED grow lights.

One very interesting advice they give is about differing intensity (lumens) of light needed by young, adolescent, and mature plants.

They show diagrams and charts that give the right distance to have my LED grow lights from my plant canopy, explaining for example that too much light intensity for my seedlings and clones would deter growth.

I also like that they explain that you can adjust light height and lumen intensity to reduce internode length and keep your plants short and bushy rather than tall and thin.

You start with the Lush LED far above the seedlings or clones, and then gradually lower the unit as your marijuana plants mature.

After your blooming marijuana plants have established flowers, you lower the lights to 18 inches above the canopy to pour on the photons so you power big, dense, resinous buds.

Lush Lighting advises that your plants grown under their LEDs will use more water because their metabolism runs at a higher and more efficient rate due to the superior Lush LED light wavelengths as compared to HID and other brands of LED grow lights.

They advise you to use reverse osmosis water and to reduce the concentration of organic or hydroponics nutrients in your water to avoid overfertilizing.

Using LED grow lights is done to save electricity and reduce heat.

Lush explains that their LED grow lights run about half as hot per watt as HID grow lights.

So obviously you still need grow room air conditioning when you use Lush LED grow lights.

Because your plants are consuming more water, they’re transpiring more too, which could mean extra use of dehumidification.

They also advise you use only the highest quality nutrients, and make sure your nutrients water pH is perfect.

I use Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect nutirients, so I’ve got the highest quality nutrients that automatically and constantly self-adjust pH so my plants are always getting the nutrition they need.

I’m still in grow phase with my new Lush LED grow lights, but I already see several key benefits:

  • Compared to other LED brands such as Black Dog, Kind, and Next, the Lush lights are much more solid in their construction, fans, switches, diodes.
  • The Lush light spectrum is way different than any other grow light I’ve seen.
  • My plants are thriving better than with other types of lighting.
  • I’m using less air conditioning.
  • The packaging of the Dominator unit, the free inclusion of light hangers, and the copious amounts of data provided as instructions indicate that the Lush Lighting people are committed to my success.

I’ll write another article when I get to mid-bloom phase.

If you want to reduce your grow room heat and electricity costs and use the most modern marijuana-specific grow room lighting technology, Lush is your only choice.

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