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Growing Marijuana Strains that Treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

In our ongoing series on using marijuana to treat PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), we’ve explained what PTSD is, its symptoms, and that marijuana is being used to treat PTSD.

One of the biggest questions I keep getting asked is “which marijuana strains best treat PTSD?”

You’ll want to read all the other articles in this series to help answer that question, so I’ll put links to those articles at the end of this article.

In those past articles, I talked about generic kinds of marijuana that help with PTSD, and why they help.

In this article I give you info about growing specific marijuana strains that help with PTSD…

Because post traumatic stress disorder involves traumatic memories often stored in the deep and shallow subconscious, marijuana strains that strongly affect memory are very popular in PTSD therapy.

The aptly-named Amnesia Haze is one of the best specific marijuana strains that help with PTSD.

They call it “amnesia” for a reason. I’ve hit a bowl of this stuff and immediately forgotten everything. I even forgot I had a lit match in my hand!

This is a Haze cannabis strain, so it’s got tropical origins.

It likes a warmer than average grow room, higher than average light intensities especially in the ultraviolet and blue spectrums, and can handle a lot of nutrients as long as you use quality nutrients such as pH Perfect base nutrients.

You only want to have this marijuana strain in grow phase for 3-4 weeks before you flip to bloom phase, because this particular brand of Haze can take 10-13 weeks before your buds are ready for harvest.

If you tend to be hyper, nervous, anxious, have insomnia or other excitability issues due to PTSD, I advise you to let the strain go longer than normal. This degrades some of your THC so you get a more couchlock high rather than the near-LSD high that a Sativa dominant 80-20 hybrid usually gives you.

Amnesia Haze marijuana seeds are hard to come by and are almost always feminized cannabis seeds.

So if you get some Amnesia Haze seeds, hope for hermie plants that produce their own seeds.

Or if you grow Amnesia Haze from seeds or cuttings, breed this cannabis strain with pollen from another strain you love.

Another specific marijuana strain for treating PTSD is Durban Poison.

This powerhouse Sativa-dominant strain originally came from South Africa, and it’s a rugged marijuana strain that can handle harsh outdoor conditions but also performs well in your indoor marijuana grow room.

This strain was originally all Sativa, but Dutch breeders inserted Indica into the mix to calm down the overwhelming psychedelic high that the original Durban Poison created.

I suggest you give this marijuana strains larger than average room for roots, and top it at least once.

When you give Durban Poison sufficient potassium and phosphorus in bloom phase by using bloom boosters like Big Bud, you get larger than average yield weight than what you’d expect from a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain.

Look for 8-10 weeks in bloom phase for this marijuana strain, and be glad that it’s generally resistant to molds and mildews.

Using Durban Poison as one of the marijuana strains that treat PTSD, you get several benefits.

One of the most obvious is that Durban Poison has a unique taste that sometimes reminds me of licorice or a Haze marijuana strain.

Another is that Durban Poison is a “one-hit wonder” that slams your head real fast and real hard.

As with Amnesia Haze, you lose memory function, and that helps insulate you from memories of traumatic post traumatic stress disorder traumas.

Romulan is on the other end of the genetics spectrum from Amnesia Haze and Durban Poison.

I don’t think it has any Sativa genetics in it at all… we’re taking 100% Indica.

In most cases, a pure Indica wouldn’t be among the right marijuana strains to treat PTSD.

But for some reason Romulan will hit you so hard that it erases thoughts, worries, fears, and a lot of the other things that usually rattle around in your head if you suffer from PTSD.

Romulan often goes purple, and it does best in solo container gardening where you can top it a couple of times, feed heavy, and let it develop multiple main branches.

You can expect 55-60 days in bloom phase. If you want less of a couchlock high, harvest a little early.

R.K.S. (Really Killer Skunk) comes from Reserva Privada seeds and is a little-known but very useful strain of the list of marijuana strains that treat PTSD.

I grow this not just because it has the kind of memory loss effects that are good for purging post traumatic stress disorder memories, but also because if you grow her right she’s a heavy yielder with tasty buds and a unique high.

When I pour Bud Candy, Big Bud, Rhino Skin, and Nirvana into the root zone of my flowering RKS plants, they immediately give off that dangerous skunk scent that makes it necessary for you to have a huge carbon filter if you’re growing this PTSD strain indoors.

The old school genetics that created R.K.S. make me really happy: Afghani, Thai, and Colombian.

That rich genetic heritage means you can definitely use this cannabis strain as breeding stock to bring out old school flavors, cannabinoids, and terpenoids that create a 1960s high for you.

Because of the significant amount of Sativa in this high-yielding strain, you need 8-9 weeks in bloom phase.

One reason I love Skywalker Kush as one of my favorite marijuana strains that treat PTSD is that it makes you happy, blurs memories, calms anxiety and allows you enough energy to get on with your life.

Too many people  believe marijuana strains that treat PTSD have to be total Indica or Afghanica, and have to be couchlock strains that nail you to the ground.

But the real deal is, you want Sativa genetics in there so the marijuana messes with your head, not just your body.

Skywalker Kush is sometimes called Skywalker OG, and there’s confusion about that when you buy seeds or clones.

There’s actually a marijuana strain named Skywalker. It was crossed with an OG Kush to create Skywalker OG or Skywalker Kush.

As with many Kush types, this one grows short, dense, and bushy if you trim early and give it lots of nutrients such as pH Perfect.

But unlike many Kush types, Skywalker Kush generates fat buds, not popcorn buds, especially when you push it mid-bloom with Nirvana, Bud Candy, Big Bud and in late bloom with Overdrive.

You’re going to need at least 56 days in flower with this one but I’ve had to wait as long as 64 days to harvest these sticky, powerful, THC rich buds.

It’s hard to find seeds of authentic Skywalker Kush, so if you get them, they’re probably feminized. I suggest breeding this with Fire OG to get a nice cross and a ton of seeds.

Another top performer in our list of marijuana strains that treat PTSD is Purple Wreck, from Reserva Privada.

This is a cross of the famous California Trainwreck with the equally famous Purple Urkel.

Purple marijuana varieties tend to have pain relief, anti-insomnia, and anti-anxiety cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles, and this one is my favorite purple marijuana for PTSD.

Although the Indica profile is high, the bloom time for Purple Wreck can be long (as long as 65 days).

True Purple Wreck grows naturally short and dense, and you get dense, golf ball-sized nugs rather than long or fatter large buds.

If you already love purple marijuana, you’ll love Purple Wreck as a marijuana strain that treats PTSD. It combines a mind-erasing effect with a morphine-like body high.

No list of marijuana that treats PTSD would be complete without Timewreck from Subcool TGA Seeds, but because Timewreck is the marijuana strain that I worked with the most during formal sessions with my PTSD counselor, I’m going to write about treating PTSD with Timewreck in a different article.

For now, you can read this other article about Timewreck marijuana, and you’ll see why Timewreck is great for PTSD.

In my next article, I’ll describe the therapeutic strategies my counselor and I created so I can use marijuana to treat PTSD.

And here are the links to my past marijuana PTSD marijuana articles. Please tell all PTSD patients and their friends and family about these marijuana PTSD articles…

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