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Grow Marijuana Strains High in CBD & THC

CBD CBD CBD!  When you hear about “medical marijuana legalization,” you’re often hearing about legalizing only CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol.

CBD is one of the Big Three cannabinoids. The other two are THC and CBN—tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinol.

THC, CBD, and CBN are medically important, and so are terpenoids and flavonoids, which are other compounds the marijuana plant produces.

As marijuana growers, we’ve always most cared about THC, and for good reason…

THC is the master cannabinoid primarily responsible for euphoria and many other fun marijuana effects.

But some people dislike THC.

They want to grow marijuana that has little or no THC, and lots of CBD.

Or they want to create all-CBD extracts.

Problem is, extracting CBD or other cannabinoids and using them solo instead of as part of the entire suite of compounds found in the whole cannabis flower is a bad way to get marijuana’s medical and recreational benefits.

For example, I tried Marinol, a pharmaceutical company pill consisting of synthetic THC.

It produced ugly feelings. Hated it.

I consumed tinctures and medibles that were all CBD or mostly CBD.

I vaped buds from strains bred to produce lots of CBD and hardly any THC.

I also used a pharmaceutical device that delivers a CBD/THC mist.

Didn’t like the effects of any of them.

I got a little pain relief. Felt a mild buzz. Got tired. Got a headache. Fell asleep.

It was dead boring.

CBD is pushed hard by a group of people and corporations who usually don’t work together: some marijuana industry people, hemp farmers, pharmaceutical companies, drug warriors, and people who don’t like and are unable to handle the effects of high-THC marijuana.

When you examine their CBD propaganda, it boils down to them saying: THC is bad, CBD is good.

You hear them describing THC euphoria as a “negative side effect.”

You see them saying that getting high is a negative side effect.

You see them claiming it’s good to grow industrial hemp and extract CBD from it for use as medicine.

You seem them claiming CBD works great by itself, with no need for THC, CBN, or terpenoids.

With some unenlightened politicians believing CBD propaganda, several states “legalized marijuana” by legalizing limited use of CBD tinctures, or allowing cultivation of a high-CBD marijuana.

Most CBD laws have a very strict list of ailments CBD can be used to treat, mostly seizure disorders.

And here’s the thing, unlike those who hate THC and promote CBD, those of us who love the whole plant tell the truth about cannabinoids.

We acknowledge that marijuana medicines that include CBD have achieved miracle cures, especially for sick children with seizure disorders.

But THC haters ignore the fact clinical research shows that THC and CBD potentiate and increase each other’s benefits.

They also ignore research showing THC is itself a potent medicine that likely reduces cancer tumors and has many other medical benefits that far outpace those provided by CBD.

They ignore research showing that THC, flavonoids, and terpenoids have medical benefits, and also poteniate and moderate CBD.

The hemp advocates who promote CBD extraction from hemp are similarly on the wrong track.

Using industrial hemp as a source for CBD is a waste of time and effort, and a bad idea.

Number one, because you need massive, huge, immense acreage of industrial hemp to produce enough CBD to make it worth growing. It’s stupidly inefficient.

Number two, because industrial hemp doesn’t produce hardly any THC or other helpful compounds that marijuana plants provide.

Third, because industrial hemp pollen pollinates high-THC marijuana flowers and turns your seedless buds into buds seeded with ditchweed genetics.

Read this and you’ll see what I mean about rope versus dope.

But there’s a way to have CBD and all the other benefits of real marijuana.

Subcool Seeds TGA Genetics created two superb strains that have high CBD and high THC.

Here’s a photo of a bud from one of those strains…


One Subcool TGA high-CBD strain is Pennywise, a cross between high-CBD Harlequin and the ever-popular, very tasty Jack the Ripper marijuana strain.

Subcool’s lab tests show typical profiles of 12-15% CBD and 12-15% THC for Pennywise.

Subcool offers another high-in-CBD strain. It’s called Hurkle.

This cross between Harlequin and Querkle gives you purple colors, grape flavor, and high percentages of CBD and THC.

The psychoactive effects of these CBD strains are easier for novice marijuana users to handle.

They don’t knock you to the couch or floor like Subcool’s more potent strains.

The benefit of growing these cannabis strains is you get all the anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing, analgesic, anti-cancer, anti-spasm, anti-nausea, and other CBD medical benefits, while also getting the medical, taste, scent, and recreational benefits of THC and all the other compounds produced by whole marijuana.

And remember, whenever you grow premium marijuana, always stoke your marijuana plants’ potency and harvest weight by using Bud Candy, Nirvana, Bud Factor X, Rhino Skin, and Overdrive during bloom phase.

So now let’s review the truth about CBD:

It’s not a magic potion that by itself will provide a full range of benefits found in whole marijuana.

CBD works better when used in combination with THC, CBN, and the other compounds marijuana produces.

You don’t want to grow industrial hemp to get CBD. Grow whole, regular high-CBD marijuana, and get way more CBD from way fewer plants.

You can grow high-CBD Subcool Seeds TGA Genetics strains and have everything you want from CBD!

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