Marijuana Dabs

Growing Marijuana for Making Dabs

Marijuana growers are figuring out that more and more people are consuming or making dabs such as rosin, butane honey oil, bubblehash, dry sift, and shatter, instead of just burning buds.

A dab contains very high percentages of THC, CBD, and CBN by volume…more than you can get from whole marijuana bud or concentrated marijuana not made from solvents.

This makes a big difference for marijuana growers in the following key ways:

• If you’re growing marijuana and providing it to others as whole buds, you pay attention to the quality, looks, health and cleanliness of your cannabis plants from start to finish.

Marijuana dispensaries and even some consumers look at buds with magnifying devices.

If they see debris, pet hair, insects, molds, mildews, or other contaminants, they won’t buy your weed.

But if you’re growing marijuana to make concentrates with it, you don’t have to worry so much about plant contamination.

Why? Because you’re going to throw all your buds into concentrate processing, extract the THC and other cannabinoids, and dispose of all the whole plant material after extraction.

The extraction process converts even “trash” leaves or other inferior plant combined with top shelf bud to make pure concentrates with 70-92% cannabidnoid purity.

• In the old days before making dabs and dabbing became widely available, marijuana consumers looked for specific strains of whole marijuana flowers.

They wanted the high, taste, look, and aroma associated with a specific strain of marijuana.

Now, when whole marijuana is made into solvent concentrates such as butane honey oil, many characteristics you get from whole bud are erased or obscured by the solvent hashish manufacturing process.

Concentrates may retain at least some replica of the original marijuana’s cannabinoid profiles, but a lot of the other characteristics (including aromatics and other terpenoids) you’d get from whole cannabis bud are lost when you use solvents to process whole marijuana.

• Harvest timing, drying, and curing are absolutely crucial when you’re growing marijuana to use whole bud as the end product that goes to the consumer.

But when you grow marijuana so you can make it into cannabis concentrates, you only have to be concerned with harvest timing, weight, and cannabinoid percentages.

Obviously, harvest timing is important because you want to harvest at peak weight and peak resin gland development. No matter if you go for dabs or buds, harvesting at the right time is smart. On the other hand, when you’re processing your marijuana plants into concentrates, you don’t have to cure or dry.

In fact, most experts making commercial amounts of clean concentrates including bubblehash, shatter, BHO, errl, wax, and budder advise that they throw their sugar leaves and buds into a big freezer as soon as they harvest.

Not only does it save time (because you don’t have to dry, cure, and manicure) and keep your marijuana material fresh, it makes it easier to extract from.

• Another dab of good news for marijuana growers who grow for concentrates is you get to use partial sugar leaves and other plant materials you’d normally throw away.

When you grow for buds, you carefully manicure your marijuana flowers to remove all or almost all the leaves. Many of those leaves are not used.

You find it hard to sell airy or otherwise inferior buds. But when you make marijuana concentrates, you can use leaves and defective buds. You waste less of your crop!

And if you want to amp up the percentage of CBD and CBN in your extracts, using inferior leaves and buds you’d otherwise have discarded is a good way to do it, as they tend to contain less THC relative to CBD and CBN.

Especially using solvents to make marijuana extracts, you purge your marijuana material of contaminants. It’s cleaner and kinder.

People aren’t inhaling pet hairs, mold spores, or other crap from properly made marijuana concentrates.

When you see pure butane honey oil, shatter, and other purified marijuana concentrate products, you see a product that’s translucent, deeply colored, and very potent.

Making butane honey oil, wax, budder and other concentrates favors marijuana growers who have larger size hydroponics marijuana grow ops.

Yet, smaller growers who dedicate a kilo or more of premium bud to convert into extract categories such as bubblehash, shatter, BHO, errl, wax, and budder make totally mind-numbing, supersonic concentrated marijuana products from a one or two light HID indoor hydroponics marijuana grow.

After all, it takes a quarter ounce or more of premium bud and leaf to make a gram of cannabis extracts.

Dabs and dabbing, making marijuana concentrates, and growing marijuana to make concentrates are rapidly becoming as important to the marijuana industry and marijuana growers as growing and providing whole cannabis buds.

So look for more articles on making rosin, dabs, dabbing, dab manufacturing, and marijuana concentrates that’ll come to you soon.

This new category of marijuana concentrate products provides a unique way of getting high on nearly-pure THC and other cannabinoids.

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