Subcool TGAThis frosty Cuvée nug is only 16 days into bloom phase!!!
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Growing Delicious Cuvée Marijuana from Subcool TGA Seeds

I read an article saying Subcool (the founder of Subcool TGA marijuana seeds) may be dying from a respiratory disorder.

It worried me that he might become too ill to do marijuana seed breeding, so I decided I better start buying his strains right away.

I looked at the Subcool TGA strain list.

Almost every strain looks tasty.

Subcool said in the article his favorite strain is Cuvée.

So even though it’s more Kush and Indica than I prefer, I bought ten seeds.

I grew Cuvée in my indoor grow op with Ghost Train Haze, Tangie, and Durban Poison strains I’d grown before.

I grew in individual smart pots containing soilless mix with added coarse perlite under metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting.

My base hydroponics nutrients are Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom.

These base nutrients automatically balance pH. That saves a lot of time and trouble.

I use the full line of additives that go with those base nutrients, including beneficial microbes and vitamin B in grow phase.

In bloom phase I used Bud Ignitor, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Microbial Munch, Nirvana, Bud Factor X, Rhino Skin, and Overdrive.

I topped the plants at 3 weeks and at 5 weeks, and started bloom phase at 6 weeks.

The Cuvée started pre-flowering at 5 weeks and started bud formation five days after I flipped to 12-12 lighting.

This was seven days before any of my other strains started bud formation, much faster than I’d ever seen.

Comparing bud growth rate, size, scent, and resin gland formation with the other strains showed that the Subcool TGA strain is superior.

The Cuvée had hard, nuggety, resin-coated buds 16 days after I started bloom phase (see the main photo for this article).

Now look at the following photo, taken only 24 days into bloom phase.

The bud had another 31 days before harvest.

By the time I cut, the buds had swelled up to become truly epic and frosty.

Subcool TGA

Cuvée gave me much much faster bud and resin gland maturation than I’ve ever seen.

It was so fast that I checked my grow diary to make sure I’d counted the number of bloom days accurately!

Cuvée is very hardy, very forgiving, easier to grow than other strains.

I fed it slightly higher nutrients parts per million than my other cannabis strains.

The smell from Cuvée buds came on early.

It’s complex, seductive, and more alluring than scent given off by my other strains.

The Cuvée scent combines mango, cherry, blackberry, chocolate, pepper, and musk.

I could smell it when I got out of my car in my driveway.

The Cuvée grew out to be very wide plants with long, moderately thick, Kush-like buds.

The plants were 31-34 inches in diameter by the time they stopped their bloom phase stretch.

They started bloom phase at 23-24 inches tall and ended bloom phase 41-46 inches tall.

Almost all the above-ground height was buds.

The calyx to leaf ratio was extremely impressive favorable—almost no leaves in the buds.

Cuvée has all these great traits because it comes from rare, kick-ass genetics.

Subcool TGA combined Pinot Noir with Space Queen to make this marijuana strain.

Pinot Noir is an obscure cross of an Original Blackberry Kush crossed with a 1978 Pakistani Kush.

Space Queen is a cross of Romulan and Cindy 99.

The Kush aspects of this strain came through in tight, hard buds with massive resin production and early maturation.

I harvested at 53 days, which is 6-10 days early, because I like the high from earlier harvested buds.

The Cuvée taste and smell make a great inhalation experience from whole bud and dry sift.

The high was ridiculously strong but it had a lot of head to it, not the couchlock you expect from Kush-derived strains.

The high was so strong that if I’d have waited  to harvest a few days later, I’d have had another AK-47, another “one-hit wonder.”

The high was powerful yet stimulating, and also got rid of pain, muscle aches, and insomnia.

My Cuvée seeds were less expensive than the other three strains I bought, and had higher germination rate.

The yields were better than the Ghost Train Haze, Tangie, and Durban Poison—averaging 81-83 grams per plant.

One of my friends six humongous Cuvée plants outdoors and got 19 pounds total dry weight!

He reports that this Subcool TGA strain resists pests and diseases and some phenotypes finish at

The buds sold for $390-430 per ounce retail.

I’ve got many more seasons of happy growing before I’ve sampled all the delicious TGA Subcool strains on my list!

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