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Grow Monster – Size Marijuana Plants to Get More THC and Weight

We keep talking about what makes your biggest yields of the most potent marijuana.

People argue about it night and day…it is the genetics, is it how you grow your plants or ?!?

The answer is, it’s genetics AND it’s how you grow your plants.

We’ve focused previously on big-yielding genetics, giving you marijuana strains most likely to grow big and yield heavier harvests with more THC.

Today we talk about three factors you control: lighting, root zone, and nutrients. These three make the difference between bad, acceptable, and fantastic yields.

I like to keep things simple when they can be. You need one 1000-watt HID bulb per every 14 square feet if you want enough light to power full size monster marijuana plants.

This bulb has to have a great reflector to directionalize the light. And the bulb has to be engineered for marijuana, either MH for grow phase or HPS for bloom phase.

If you have extremely dense or tall marijuana plants, you may need vertical or side lighting. You could use LEDs for that, but it has to be the right LEDs.

You also need to open up the root mass so it has more room. Instead of growing 12 plants in 5-gallon pots, grow six plants in 10-gallon pots.

Better yet, grow three marijuana plants in 20-gallon grow bags. The bigger the roots, the more top growth you can expect.

Feed your roots beneficial microbes like Voodoo Juice and Piranha, don’t drown them, and trim your plants early so they get bushy instead of 20 feet tall.

The other big factor you control is your plants’ nutrition. If you use inferior hydroponics nutrients, or have the wrong root zone pH or other problems (especially during grow phase), your plants may never get as big as they could have gotten. They’re permanently stunted.

What a lot of marijuana growers forget is that their plants will gain at least 50% more height after bloom phase starts, so proper nutrition is essential.

Only a company like Advanced Nutrients has figured out the right mix of N-P-K and other nutrients (not just in base nutrients but when base nutrients are combined with bloom boosters) to fuel structural growth AND floral potency during early and peak bloom phase.

So we see that there are four factors to growing really big cannabis plants

1) Trim them early to promote round canopy and multiple heads.

2) Feed the highest quality hydroponics base nutrients and supplements while maintaining ideal pH with base nutrients such as “pH Perfect” so your plants can take in all they need whenever they need it.

3) Give your plants massive doses of high-intensity light.

4) Feed your roots with beneficial fungi and bacteria, along with a carbo booster like Bud Candy, and give your cananbis roots more room to grow.

Especially in states where you can only have a few plants to stay legal, growing larger marijuana plants makes huge sense!

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