Marijuana Advice

Good Advice for All Marijuana Users… But Especially Newbies and Novices

As medical cannabis and recreational marijuana are legalized in more and more states and municipalities, tens of thousands of people who’ve never used marijuana are starting to use it for the first time.

You also see marijuana users who only had access to schwag marijuana but now they’re suddenly able to buy high-THC dank, and it makes them higher than they ever got before.

So in the interest of helping all those tens of thousands of marijuana users enjoy their marijuana better, we’re offering stoner advice that’ll save a lot of hassle, and make your marijuana life better.

The first tip is to “take it easy” when you’re getting used to marijuana.

The reason marijuana is so popular is because it has powerful effects on body, mind, and spirit. If it wasn’t powerful, it wouldn’t be so desired.

The marijuana industry has been selectively breeding for high-THC marijuana, and it can have massive impacts on your head and body.

So when you first start using super-dank marijuana, use only a small amount, perhaps half a gram.

Don’t start out by eating marijuana, using marijuana topical oils, or using hashish or concentrates (such as bubblehash or butane honey oil).

In fact, even long-time users can get zonked by marijuana extracts. I was visiting Jamaica recently, and met this guy who smokes cartridges of C02-derived hash oil from a sweet vape pen while climbing 30-foot trees and harvesting 200 pounds of coconuts.

I took two small hits off that same vape pen and felt like a babbling, clumsy fool for three hours.

These extracts, like whole marijuana, can affect everyone differently.

Some of us–our brains can’t handle concentrated cannabis extracts as well. You personally may find that one or two hits from whole bud is plenty high for you.

And when you use marijuana edibles (sometimes known as medibles), butane honey oil or other concentrates, or marijuana oils, you have a way harder time controlling your dose. It’s easy to use too much and get totally wasted.

Here’s a safety tip your lungs will appreciate: instead of burning marijuana and inhaling smoke, use a vaporizer  instead of combustion.

Read about that here and you’ll see vaporizing marijuana gives you a much better high, more control over the kind of high you get, and happier lungs.

Inhale the vapor, hold it in 11-15 seconds, then let it out slowly. This allows maximum absorption of THC and other marijuana compounds, without respiratory irritation, and without the weird feelings that come from inhaling combustion byproducts.

Savor the taste and feel of the cannabis vapor while paying close attention to changes you feel in your mind and body.

Some people, if they’ve never gotten high before, don’t even recognize they’re high. It takes them a while to figure out they’re stoned.

Wait at least 15 minutes before inhaling more marijuana. During that 15 minutes, write down as many details as you can about how the inhalation made you feel different than before you inhaled.

That’s the key: how the marijuana changed you from your non-stoned state to a stoned state. What’s different before and after?

For example, you may find that marijuana inhalation makes you feel happier, increases your appetite, slows down your thoughts, erases physical pain, and affects how music sounds.

If you’ve inhaled marijuana that’s not right for you and/or you used too much, the effects you notice might include paranoia, confusion, heaviness, inability to function, and other non-adaptive cannabis affects that harm rather than help your mood and body.

As you write down what’s happening, make sure to note the strain name, so you start a database of what strains you like most.

After 15 minutes, inhale more marijuana, and again monitor the effects. Look for what changes inside your mind and body as you get more stoned.

As you do repeated inhalations, you’ll see the cannabis effects intensity and amplify…and you’ll discover how much marijuana you can inhale before it’s “too much.”

For all of you who are new to marijuana, welcome to the community of people who’ve found marijuana is the best medicine, “intoxicant,” aphrodisiac, and life enhancer. Marijuana is a miracle plant that does unique things for humans that no other material or actvity can do for you.

All of us who use marijuana benefit from keeping track of how it affects us based on the marijuana strain, the amount used, and other factors.

This helps you find the specific marijuana strains and dosages that best please you.

Keep coming back to, because we’ll have more articles on enhancing your marijuana experiences so you get the most pleasure and safety when you get high.

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