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Getting Top Dollar for Your Medical Marijuana

Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana, and Obama after his reelection said enforcing marijuana laws is not a top priority for federal police agents. In Canada, licensed medical growers are pumping out as much marijuana as possible, because the Canadian government says it will invalidate medical grow licenses in 2014. Marijuana retail prices are fluctuating, and most of the trends are down. Growers are looking for strategies that help them grow marijuana profitably.

Growing marijuana requires money for hydroponics lighting, electricity, reverse osmosis, seeds, rockwool, C02, infrastructure and other grow room necessities.

We know the market price of marijuana is set by supply and demand, with many of us making a career supplying medicine. We’re providing the world’s safest medicine, and we deserve to be compensated just like any other professional.

I mean, let’s get real…look how much the pharmaceutical companies (and their pimps, the doctors) are getting…and they’re often providing drugs that are way more harmful, and less helpful, than medical marijuana!

Until we live in a world where everything is free and nobody needs money, it’s smart to figure out how to get top dollar for your marijuana…

Grow A Wider Range of Marijuana Strains

People like medical marijuana dispensaries because they get lots of choices. Each strain of marijuana produces unique effects. The more varieties you offer your customers, the more likely they’ll come back to you for their buds.

Embedded in this approach is that you grow diverse strains. Offer a rare Kush, a pure Sativa and an Indica-Sativa cross. That way you’re giving your people a wide menu of effects, catering to all tastes. Offer them marijuana that relaxes, marijuana that stimulates, marijuana for sex. Give your customers a friendly education about the different effects, maybe by having them sample bowls of bud strains that they haven’t tried before. This way, you show them there’s more on the menu that the nugs they’re used to.

Make Sure Your Marijuana is Safe, Strong & Clean

GrowDaddy (a Kush-loving marijuana grow guru who has been growing marijuana longer than most of us have been alive) and other professional growers follow the lead of medical marijuana dispensaries by providing customers with lab-test data about THC percentages and crop cleanliness.

If you can’t get  lab analysis of your product, have a digital microscope or other magnification so your customers can see for themselves that your resin glands are upright and fresh, and that there are no debris, bugs, molds, fungi or other problems.

Another price-booster is to certify your buds are grown without toxins. Explain to your customers that many growers are using poisons and inferior nutrients, and not flushing their crops, so this produces unhealthy marijuana. Lab tests can sometimes determine if there are pesticide or other toxic residues on or in your crops, but those tests are expensive.

GrowDaddy has a shelf in his home where he meets with his customers, and the shelf contains every hydroponics product he uses in his grow room. He just points to the shelf and says, “That’s all I use to grow these crops,” and the customer can easily see that no poisons are used, and that the finest hydroponics and organic supplements are all he grows with.

Provide Only the Stoniest, Finest, Best-Looking, Professionally-Cured Buds

You want your buds to smell, look and taste great. You also want them to stone people into the next dimension. Medical marijuana customers want results, and they can tell after the first bong hit whether your marijuana is what they’ll pay good money for.

This means you take extra care with trimming, handling, drying, curing and storing. You don’t offer airy, unattractive buds. Only put your best nugs on the table.

Get an edge by using taste and aroma boosters, hydroponics bloom boosters, and crop flushers that bring out the best in your marijuana crops.

Store and present your buds not in plastic bags but in mason jars, stainless steel containers or other boutique storage.

Presentation is a little bit of showmanship and a lot of insisting on bud quality. When people look at your buds and exclaim in awe about how crystally, gooey, and stony they are, you’ve done your job well, and people will be happy to pay you top dollar.

Grow Exotic Marijuana Strains

Marketing is about giving your customers what they already know they want, and leading them to wanting what they haven’t already had. Sharing samples of stony new strains is always a great way to make them hungry for something they  haven’t purchased before.

Let’s face it, many people are already growing Haze, Blue Dream, Kush, Sour Diesel, Headband, Jack Herer, Purps, Chocolope, Big Buddha Cheese…the same old same old marijuana you always see at medical marijuana dispensaries and from many solo growers.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love those strains too, but people appreciate new items on the menu. When you grow exotic strains that provide fresh kinds of highs, tastes and smell, you get specialty appeal that lets your people know they’re getting buds nobody else has.

I’ll give you more price-boosting tips in future articles, and articles about the changing business strategies growers need in the fast-changing marijuana industry, but for now I’m sure you’ll take this article’s advice and run with it.


Retail marijuana prices have dropped significantly in most markets during the past year, as more and more people grow their own or have access to medical marijuana dispensaries.


For you to command top-dollar prices ($400 per ounce or more) for your medical marijuana, you want to grow ever-better marijuana, present it better, and prove to your customers that you care about their health and their high. That’s a way for you to keep happy customers willing to pay you enough to keep you growing for fun and profits!

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