Getting more CBD from your marijuana plants

Getting More CBD from Your Marijuana Plants

Most of us grow marijuana strains that have a very high THC percentage, because THC is the cannabinoid most responsible for getting you high.

However, medical marijuana users are looking for other cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol  (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN), because those cannabinoids have been shown to have significant medical benefits without getting people high.

Me personally I wonder why anyone would see getting high as a “negative” side effect of marijuana, but I do get it that little kids and others might now want to get “intoxicated” from THC.

A whole new type of marijuana has been created to serve these people. It’s often called “high-CBD” marijuana.

You can find cannabis strains like Charlotte’s Web, Hurkle, CannaTonic, Harlequin, and ACDC that have way more CBD by percentage than they have THC.

So obviously if you want a lot of CBD in your buds, you choose high-CBD strains.

Beyond that, you can also use specific cannabis cultivation techniques and materials to boost CBD production and cannabinoid production in general.

One trick that increases CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids is to supplement bloom phase lighting by using lighting that generates UV-B radiation.

Regular hydroponics marijuana grow lights aren’t putting out enough UV-B to make a difference this way, although metal halide bulbs radiate more UV-B than HPS bulbs.

Some growers resort to using UV-B lights made for reptile terrariums, or aquariums. These lights are underpowered, may generate a lot of heat, and are not so easy to properly place in your grow room, but to the degree that extra UV-B light stimulates resin production, their relatively low cost might be worth it.

Cannabinoid percentages and ratios are mostly influenced by genetics, but marijuana cultivation tactics and materials can activate genetic potential to bring out more production of cannabinoids.

Some bloom phase hydroponics products are advertised as being specifically made to stimulate cannabinoid production. These include a mysterious product called Bud Factor X.

Growers also add carbohydrates such as Bud Candy, and a potassium silicate booster called Rhino Skin. The Bud Candy creates more plant energy, and the Rhino Skin strengthens resin glands and is a source of potassium that creates larger, sturdier flowere.

Another tactic to increase CBD and CBN is to harvest your crops later than their optimum harvest time.

For example, if you have a marijuana strain that’s supposed to do 60 days in bloom and you’re examining the buds and seeing they’re read for harvest, you can wait a few days to harvest.

What good does this do? When buds go past their prime harvest time, THC starts to degrade rather quickly.

In fact, THC breaks down to become CBN.

Moreover, CBD doesn’t break down as quickly, so a high-THC crop left on the vine too long can be somewhat turned into a higher-CBD crop due to the degradation of THC.

I’ve inhaled some high-CBD strains and all but Hurkle made me sleepy, heavy, and slow-minded.

But I get it that CBD and other marijuana-specific compounds are great for people with pain, seizure disorders, sleep disorders and other hardships.

If you want more CBD from your marijuana, use the tactics outline in this article, and happy medicating!

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