Get Your Comprehensive Hydroponics Nutrients Feeding Recipe The Easy WayAdvanced Nutrients makes your feeding schedule as simple as this.

Get Your Comprehensive Hydroponics Nutrients Feeding Recipe The Easy Way

2017 has been a bumper year for seeing technology utilized in new and exciting ways in cannabis growing.

Earlier this year, cannabis industry advocate BigMike Straumietis — and his hydroponics nutrients company Advanced Nutrients — threw his hat in the ring with the debut of his revolutionary BudLabs interactive marijuana app.

Straumietis says the BudLabs app — which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices — is a personal grow consultant that provides grow-op feedback customized to each grower’s needs.

Now, Straumietis has released a feed chart assistant for growers — and all you need is a computer, an internet connection, and an email address.

“Marijuana growers rely on feed charts so they know exactly how to dose their hydroponics nutrients, but most hydroponics nutrients companies don’t provide accurate, useful charts,” Straumietis explains.

“Advanced Nutrients is all about helping growers get the biggest harvests possible with the least amount of effort and worry. So we designed this easy feed chart tool that’s based on a stunning amount of raw data.”

Growers simply go to a secure Advanced Nutrients Feeding Chart website landing page, fill out information about their level of cultivation skill and what hydroponics nutrients products they’re interested in, et voilà! Your fully customized feed chart is immediately emailed to you.

Advanced Nutrients global cultivation manager Eljay Bond acted as project manager for the creation of the feed chart email service. Here he talks about the formation of the idea behind the chart.

“When I used hydroponics nutrients from other manufacturers, I was always very disappointed by their feed charts because they had a ton of mistakes,” Bond explains. “You’d follow their feed charts and end up with burnt crops or starving crops. It wasn’t just that their nutrients are junk. It was also that the feed charts were wrong.”

Bond and his research team worked with every level of cannabis grower — from commercial growers running 100,00 watts of HID grow lights, to closet growers just starting out — to get the best, most comprehensive data for the feed charts.

“We also talked to [Advanced Nutrients] scientists, and the grower support people who talk to growers every day. We solicited feed programs from hundreds of successful growers to see exactly the dosages that work for them. That’s how we created the useful feed charts any hydroponics company will ever give you,” Bond said.

Straumietis notes that his company’s Feeding Charts reflect Advanced Nutrients’ unique full-spectrum approach to cannabis growing.

“I created Advanced Nutrients to deliver a better program for plants, instead of the generic N-P-K and other nutrients elements that all the other companies were delivering,” he said.

“The marijuana plant gives you bigger, more valuable buds when you provide nutrients and supplemental materials that enhance roots, resin glands, earlier maturation, pest and disease resistance, and harvest weight. Our nutrients products and these feed recipes are guaranteed to give you your highest-performing crops ever.”

The feed chart service is easy to navigate and implement.

You input data about your level of growing experience, what kind of root zone media you use, and other details. Then you enter the data and provide your email address so the feed chart can be delivered to you. The feed charts include options for growing with organic or hydroponics nutrients.

So head on over to the Advanced Nutrients Feeding Chart page and explore. You’ll enjoy this free service that increases the weight and potency of your harvests, makes your nutrients program more cost-effective, and eliminates dosing errors.

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