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Get the Only Certified Fertilizers for Organic Marijuana

Growing organic marijuana requires organic fertilizers. I’ve used all the major commercially available brands of organic fertilizers in different hydroponics systems, and in soil and soilless marijuana grow ops, and experienced the sludgy mess most organic fertilizers create.

The truth is, there are lots of problems with most brands of organic fertilizers. These problems include:

  • They’re not truly organic.
  • So-called organic certifications are based on weak standards.
  • Sloppy quality control leading to contamination, so diseases and other biological pollutants are transferred to cannabis plants, growers and users.
  • They don’t flow easily, if at all, in hydroponics systems.
  • They produce slower growth and lower yields than synthetic nutrients.
  • They smell bad and are difficult to use.
  • They create nasty root zone conditions that promote the growth of pests, such as fungus gnats.
  • Fortunately, fertilizer company Advanced Nutrients has created organic fertilizer products that make marijuana growers very happy.

Advanced Nutrients is the only hydroponics nutrients company whose founder is a cannabis grower, expert and researcher who makes nutrients for our cannabis-growing community.

“Organic fertilizers and supplements are valued by many growers, but until now it’s been hard to find them,” explains Advanced Nutrients founder Michael Straumietis. “We used a totally new approach to designing and manufacturing organic cannabis nutrients. These are the only truly organic nutrients designed specifically for marijuana growers.”

Let’s take a look at these new organic marijuana fertilizer products:

  • Iguana Juice Organic is the only 100% organic one-part base nutrient containing a cannabis-specific blend of primary and secondary nutrient elements, along with amino-chelated micronutrients.

The Iguana Juice amino-chelated micronutrients ensure that all Iguana Juice elements are immediately bioavailable for root uptake. With other brands of organic fertilizer, some nutrient elements aren’t immediately bioavailable, if at all.

Iguana Juice comes in a phased grow-specific and bloom-specific version, and is ultra-filtered for smooth use in a wide range of marijuana growing systems, including soil, soilless and pure hydroponics.

It’s the only truly organic base fertilizer for organic marijuana that creates fast growth and huge yields — comparable to what you get if you use synthetic hydroponics nutrients.

  • Big Bud Organic bloom booster is the only organic bloom booster made for marijuana. Big Bud contains elements and other materials that increase the size, weight and cannabinoid percentages of your buds. It goes way beyond the typical P and K (phosphorus and potassium) focus of other bloom booster brands.

For example, Big Bud Organic has iron, magnesium, calcium, citrate and activated amino acids that make it a fantastic bud bulker.

  • Bud Candy Organic is the only custom-built carbohydrate product made for organic marijuana. It’s a feeder for root-zone beneficial microbes that enhance cannabis roots. Bud Candy Organic sends a wide range of carbohydrates into your plants, leading to more THC and other cannabinoids, as well as sweeter taste and scent.

This pure, well-blended product creates bigger, tastier organic marijuana buds.

  • Ancient Earth Organic is an integral component of your organic marijuana growing program. It contains humic and fulvic acids, derived from rare, naturally occurring, complex materials produced millions of years ago. Ancient Earth adds specialty nutrients into your root zone, facilitating faster transport of nutrient elements into your organic marijuana roots.

When you use these four organic products together to grow marijuana, you get fat, gooey, delicious buds. You can even see growth rate and yield comparable to synthetic hydroponic nutrient grow ops.

Advanced Nutrients organic marijuana fertilizer products can be used in combination with synthetic hydroponics nutrients—they’re not just for organic marijuana gardens. The company has grower support personnel to advise you about using its organic products in your marijuana garden no matter how you grow.

Contact Advanced Nutrients’ support via the following channels to find out more about the only effective organic fertilizer program for marijuana.

Here’s the Advanced Nutrients grower support contact information:

(1) 800-640-9605
E-Mail: (Spanish)

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