Hydroponics Beneficial Microbes

Get Bigger Marijuana Yields Using The Best Hydroponics Beneficial Microbes

Tens of thousands of years ago, before we transformed and dominated the earth, marijuana plants grew only outdoors in living soil and were actually part of the soil…unified with the earth by roots inhabited and penetrated by tiny organisms called microbes.

Microbes and marijuana roots engaged in the unconscious art of co-evolution: as marijuana roots grew, soil microbes grew, because microbes and roots find each other beneficial.

Roots provide a forest of shelter, nutrition, moisture and structure for the tiny microbes.

In return, microbes give back nutrition, moisture and protection that increases the size of marijuana roots, feeds roots, shields them from non-beneficial microbes and soil-borne diseases, helps roots handle drought, excess water, and weak soil nutrition.

When organisms mutate in ways that increase survival and reproduction, those organisms and their offspring live on into the future. Organisms that cannot compete are unable to survive…and they disappear from our planet.

Monsanto & Big Ag Have Killed the Root Zone

Big Agriculture and Big Chemical team up to transform living soil into dead soil. They spread GMOs that threaten the future of life on our planet.

These money-obsessed industries have made millions of acres into biological dead zones with soil that’s almost as sterile as Grodan rockwool. In corporate Farmville, water is chemicalized, air is foul with dust and poison.

In fact, Big Ag and Big Chem have made the industrial agricultural zone into a biological wasteland. Toxic for human and non-human organisms alike. Toxic for bees and other pollinators who have been providing us essential natural services for millennia.


Toxic for farm workers. Toxic for water drinkers. Toxic for air breathers.

Sad to say, more and more of the earth is becoming a dead zone. That’s not a tree-hugger or environmentalist wacko opinion–that’s scientific fact.

What’s the Matter With Hydroponics Marijuana Roots?

Even when we use “organic” soil, compost or compost tea, marijuana roots are often living in an environment that lacks proper nutrition. It lacks proper temperature and aeration. It lacks beneficial soil microbes that evolved with cannabis roots for thousands of  years.

Yes of course marijuana roots can survive without beneficial microbes.

But just like your intestine functions best only when beneficial probiotic microbes flourish in your intestine to help your body digest food and extract nutrition from it, marijuana roots function best when they’re in a living root zone infused with the beneficial microbes marijuana roots evolved to work with.

The hydroponics nutrients company Advanced Nutrients hired scientists to figure out which beneficial microbes work best for marijuana roots.

But other companies didn’t do research on marijuana plants. They sold us compost tea, even though the beneficial microbes in their compost tea weren’t the kind that marijuana roots evolved to live with.

The teas were improperly made and bottled so the microbes died on the hydro store shelf or before they ever reached the store.

These folks were selling “beneficial microbes” products that had the wrong microbes, or the wrong versions of microbes, or microbes that were harvested and stored improperly so the microbes could never come to life in your root zone.

They sold beneficial microbes in the wrong combinations and ratios; their microbes canceled each other out. Their labels gave inaccurate application instructions.

Marijuana growers spend money on these products, and only get a sickly root zone and a smaller bank account.

Scientific Testing Reveals Hydroponics Marijuana Root-Boosting Microbes

The fundamental mistake is to group marijuana in with all other plants and not do marijuana testing. That’s the approach from General Hydroponics and most other hydroponics manufacturers.

If they tested their root zone microbes at all, they sure as hell didn’t test them on high-grade marijuana. They tested them on tomatoes and similar crops.

Surely they could have figured out that microbes that help tomato roots aren’t the same as the microbes that help marijuana roots, but they didn’t bother.

Into this mess stepped Advanced Nutrients…

They recruited the most respected and creative microbial scientists. Told them to review all existing research on beneficial soil microbes for marijuana.

Gave them research and development funding so they could do modern, professional lab testing and bio-development that created super-strains of microbes developed specifically for marijuana roots.

The Advanced scientists tested other companies’ products and found the microbes were dead, or the bottles contained microbial strains that weren’t optimized for medical marijuana.

They discovered that some types of microbes couldn’t be combined in bottles with other types because the strains kill each other off.

So they came up with a three-product program consisting of Voodoo Juice, Tarantula, and Piranha. Each product contains a different blend of beneficial microbes, and each blend is guaranteed to enhance marijuana roots, and to have long shelf life.

Used together as directed, these microbes enliven the function and density of marijuana roots, protect them, generate compounds that increase flowering success. Hydroponics marijuana growers have seen with their own eyes that microbe-enriched roots produced visibly larger buds with more THC.

As an added benefit Tarantula and Piranha used as a foliar spray fight pathogens that attack marijuana leaves and flowers.

Into the Hydroponics Marijuana Microbes Factory

I visited an Advanced Nutrients facility, rudely demanding that their scientists prove that Advanced Nutrients microbe products were effective for marijuana, and superior to competing products.

The Advanced Nutrients scientists explained the two very distinct processes manufacturers can choose when they make or sell beneficial microbes products.

Other than Advanced Nutrients, hydroponics companies cut corners by hiring contractors to bulk produce/bulk combine microbes without testing them for marijuana appropriateness or microbial compatibility.

When they do this, they give up manufacturing control and quality control. They really have no idea what’s in the bottle that has their name on it.

Worse yet, their third party company is cutting corners so they can do as little work as possible. They don’t have scientists who understand the specific microbes marijuana roots need. They don’t have the top scientists.

The scientists explained how they did years of research to identify strains, sub-strains and related strains all tested on marijuana roots.

When you read the Advanced Nutrients labels you see their products contain marijuana-specific microbes, many of which only Advanced Nutrients offers…

Arthrobacter globiformis, Bacillus brevis, Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus polymyxa, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus thuringiensis, Bacillus canadiensis, Paenibacillus polymyxa, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus licheniformis, Paenibacillus azotofixans, Bacillus mycoides, Bacillus laterosporus, Bacillus macerans, Bacillus polymyxa, Bacillus cereus…this exclusive list goes on and on.

Each microbe strain is individually bred in a specially made 10,000-liter breeding reactor.

After breeding the microbes, Advanced Nutrients scientists dry them in a special evaporation tower. Then the strains are carefully recombined to create Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula.

These time-consuming, expensive scientific procedures are necessary because different strains of beneficial microbes breed at different rates and the scientists have to ensure total uniformity and maximum colony forming units (CFU’s).

And even if you see some of these same strain names on bottles of other manufacturer’s products, you have no way of knowing if those strains are actually in the products, or have been properly handled so they’re still alive when you put them into your hydroponics marijuana root zone.

You could breed marijuana-specific microbes and properly combine them, but then put them into bottles the wrong way so that the microbes have no shelf life.

That’s why Advanced Nutrients scientists use an exclusive “antagonist” compound that keeps microbes dormant until you put them into your nutrients water.

The microbes then immediately exit dormancy, replicate quickly, and burst into action by wrapping themselves around and penetrating into roots, creating flower-boosting hormones, and increasing root size and function.

You see larger, denser, more vibrant marijuana roots armored against bad microbes, drought, heat stress and other negatives.

The basic equation is: the right types of beneficial microbes give you bigger, healthier marijuana roots. This results in bigger, healthier marijuana yields.

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