Flow KanaFlow Kana organic marijuana marketing collective fights corporate marijuana!
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Flow Kana Organic Marijuana Growers Unite Against Corporate Marijuana

BigBudsMag.com for many years has been reporting that home marijuana growers, sometimes known as black market marijuana growers, feel there are plusses and minuses of marijuana “legalization.”

We all want the police, courts, and governments to let us grow and sell marijuana in an open market.

But what we’ve seen in marijuana legalization states, especially Colorado, Washington, and California, is that so-called legalization favors large-scale, government-licensed corporate marijuana growers and sellers.

In most cases, marijuana legalization hurts black market marijuana growers, taking market share away from those of us who for years have been providing the majority of the nation’s cannabis.

In Northern California, a home marijuana growers and marketers collective called Flow Kana is mounting a campaign against corporate marijuana that resembles the farm-to-market and locally-sourced food movements.

Flow Kana offers outdoor, organic home marijuana growers the opportunity to connect directly with consumers who want connoisseur marijuana.

It’s affiliated with retail sellers, including delivery services.

Flow Kana correctly states that corporate marijuana and marijuana dispensaries aren’t always providing the best marijuana.

BigBudsMag.com agrees with Flow Kana. It’s good to reward those long-time growers of premium Nor Cal Emerald Triangle Bud.

The cannabis industry is seen as an investment opportunity by those who don’t share our love of growing, or have our expertise.

In Hawaii, for example, the owner of a helicopter company who for decades assisted the war on Hawaiian cannabis now wants to cash in on highly-profitable marijuana growing and selling licenses that the state government intends to issue.

The Flow Kana approach shows that love of cannabis can be combined with successfully competing as producers and providers in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Flow Kana portrays itself as a collective of “craft farmers” who grow “small-batch sustainable marijuana” primarily in California’s famous Emerald Triangle.

The Emerald Triangle (located across three, rugged counties in Northern Cal) is a legendary, historical producer of  megatonnage of fine outdoor weed, and has long been a center of black market grower resistance to marijuana laws.

An Emerald Triangle group called the Emerald Growers Association is backing a California legalization ballot proposal voters could approve in November, 2016.

The proposal offers small-scale growers a better situation than they face in corporate marijuana states like Colorado, but it has provisions that worry home marijuana growers and would eventually allow large, corporate marijuana farms in California.

One thing indoor marijuana growers recognize is that Flow Kana makes a huge mistake by excluding indoor hydroponics marijuana growers and outdoor hydroponics marijuana growers.

As with many organic marijuana advocates, they wrongly claim that marijuana grown outdoors without hydroponics nutrients is superior to marijuana grown indoors with artificial lighting and synthetic hydroponics nutrients.

Read this article for more information about the outdoor versus indoor marijuana debate.

In actual fact, marijuana grown indoors is often tastier, cleaner, less-contaminated, stronger, more free of pests, and of higher quality than outdoor cannabis grown organically even under the most pristine conditions.

If you’re an organic outdoor marijuana grower in Northern California, you might want to contact Flow Kana, Emerald Growers Association, Humboldt Sun Growers Guild, and other organizations and see if you can become a part of their farmer collectives.

We here at BigBudsMag.com appreciate the political and branding savvy that Flow Kana has shown by taking marijuana money and spending it on public advertising and advocacy.

It’s awesome that Flow Kana is promoting individual marijuana growers and helping them sell more weed.

We share the Flow Kana philosophy that homegrown marijuana grown by professional growers such as BigBudsMag.com readers is better than corporate marijuana sold at dispensaries.

Maybe it’s time to create a marijuana grower organization similar to Flow Kana that represents all connoisseur marijuana growers, not just those who grow outdoors using old school methods and materials!

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