Fast Marijuana Strains

Fast Marijuana Strains for When You’re in a Hydroponics Hurry

Sometimes you want your hydroponics marijuana strains to race from start to finish so you harvest big buds fast.

Some marijuana growers go for autoflowering marijuana strains in this situation.

Most autoflowering marijuana strains get you from seed to harvest in 10-12 weeks.

We’ve tested the best autoflowering marijuana strains, and although they do get you high, they aren’t anywhere near as potent as regular marijuana strains.

Many regular marijuana strains need at least nine or more weeks in bloom phase.

But you can grow faster marijuana strains without using auto-flowering marijuana or sacrificing quality, weight, or THC.

The marijuana strains we’re recommending here can be harvested within 3-4 months, depending on how long you leave them in grow phase.

Here’s a guide to some of the fastest marijuana strains you can grow:

BC Sweet Tooth, from BC Bud Depot: As with almost all fast strains, BC Sweet Tooth is mostly Indica.

You can harvest it as soon as 42 days after flowers first start to develop, but letting it go to 46-53 days and using Overdrive in the last two weeks of bloom phase may give you significant increases in weight and potency.

BC Sweet Tooth is a potent body high marijuana strain that’ll get rid of pain, muscle spasms and anxiety.

On the other hand, it’s likely to lock you to your couch, so don’t smoke this when you have tons of work to do.

LA Confidential, from DNA Genetics: This increasingly popular up and coming 100% Afghani-Indica is allegedly an OG Kush relative.

It tends to go deep purple, really almost black, as it matures.

You can often harvest within 45-59 days after it starts flowering.

If you have extra time, try LST or other supercropping, as well as a high-ppm premium quality hydroponics nutrients program to prod LA Confidential to give you heavier harvest weight (it’s known for high-potency but relatively low yield).

Swiss Cheese from Nirvana Seeds: It’s interesting that this fast finisher (40-58 days) has a significant although not predominant Sativa influence.

It has a skunk-cheese smell that can be quite intense from the start of bloom phase, so if you’re growing indoors, be sure to have effective hydroponics odor control.

Swiss Cheese gives you relatively heavy harvests and a mostly-body high, but it doesn’t knock you out like pure Indica strains do.

Thank the Sativa genetics for that.

Burmese Kush, from TH Seeds: This is among the slowest of the fast marijuana strains I’m listing here, but Burmese Kush gives you very attractive buds coated with resins and a less-sedating high.

Keep your grow room at ideal low humidity and don’t overwater, because this strain has a reputation for being susceptible to powdery mildew.

You can count on 51-62 days in bloom phase before these dense Kush nugs are ready to harvest.

Here’s a tip for when you use Burmese Kush: inhale some, and then wait five minutes to see the high fully develop.

Another tip: Use Bud Factor X and Big Bud to increase the size and potency of your Burmese Kush buds.

It comes on slow, then envelopes you in sweet THC heaven!

When you go for fast marijuana strains, you lose some taste, potency, harvest weight, and aroma.

I rarely see connoisseur marijuana strains that have less than 8 weeks in bloom phase.

One of the crucial issues is how long your marijuana strains are in veg phase.

If you give them too little time to develop in grow phase (I always give my clones or seedlings at least four weeks in grow phase), they don’t develop the roots or structure they need to support full-size fast marijuana plants and massive harvests.

You can accelerate grow phase by giving your young plants 20-24 hours of light per day.

You also want to give them pH Perfect grow phase base nutrients, small doses of carbohydrates along with root boosters like Voodoo Juice, and B-52 vitamin booster.

I suggest you start your plants under Hortilux PowerVeg T5 bulbs, which promote faster grow phase growth.

In my view, fast marijuana strains are a compromise. Try to plan your marijuana grow op so that you  have four weeks for grow phase and at least 8-9 weeks for bloom phase.

You can harvest in less than four months, and get strong marijuana!

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