Fight SAD With Marijuana Growing

Fight SAD With Marijuana Growing: Get Rid of Depression

Winter is a time of cold, short days, and hiding out indoors, except for lucky people living in warm, sunny places like Florida, Hawaii, and Southern California.

Many people who live in cold climates get depressed during wintertime.

Doctors call it  “seasonal affective disorder,” or SAD.

If you’ve been feeling more irritable, worried, or moody than usual, are craving carbs (even when you don’t have the munchies), are gaining weight, feel sleepy more often, and have lost interest in activities that usually make you excited— you might have SAD.

The doctor industry recommends anti-depressant pharmaceuticals to combat SAD, but many of us have bad experiences with pharmaceuticals and we try to avoid them.

Some doctors and counselors advise that you counter SAD by dosing yourself with large amounts of light.

Immediately you see why indoor marijuana growing can be an antidote for SAD.

Your marijuana grow room HID lights (especially HID bulbs such as the Hortliux Blue), or LED lights such as the Lush Lighting LED grow lights, have light intensities and spectrums that duplicate sunlight at noon on a beautiful summer day.

You won’t get much if any anti-SAD effect from CFL or other marijuana grow room lighting because those lights don’t generate enough firepower to provide the light intensity effects you or your full-size marijuana plants need.

Your marijuana grow room with high-intensity discharge and/or LED grow lights becomes a therapy center during dark, cold months.

Spend as much time as you can in your marijuana grow room when the lights are on, and you’re fighting SAD.

Just remember to wear protective glasses such as the Method Seven brand, so you protect your eyes from the wicked wavelengths that professional grow lights generate.

Also, be sure to read this article about the relationship between marijuana and depression.

Your plants will love it because the C02 you’re exhaling is food for them, and you’ll love it because along with the beautiful hydroponics HID light intensities, you breathe in the oxygen your plants exhale.

So whenever you’re feeling SAD, or just want to enjoy some marijuana growing time with your plant friends, get into your hydroponics marijuana grow room, lay down the beach towel, and enjoy summer in winter!

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