Marijuana fathers day

Father’s Day Gifts Marijuana Growers Will Love

Every marijuana grower is a father to female (and sometimes male) marijuana plants they care for. So when we hear about Father’s Day and think of the marijuana growers in our life, it makes sense to give them a special celebration called “Marijuana Father’s Day.”

Now let’s take a look at nice bud-enhancing gifts you can get for Marijuana Fathers Day…

• Some dads have a shot glass of whisky or some other strong booze to calm them down after a hard day in the jungles of capitalism. Marijuana growers don’t have to booze up, because marijuana is a much better stress reliever than liquid poison. Hydrofarm makes a regular shot glass, and a full-sized drinking glass, with various forms of measurement on them so marijuana growers can properly dose hydroponics base nutrients and supplements with precision control. This is a handy hydroponics shot glass that’ll probably never have booze in it. Instead, it’ll have N-P-K.

• Help dad get everything just right in his hydroponics nutrients marijuana root zone using the Nutradip Tri-Meter. You can do the same thing with a Blue Lab combo meter, but the Nutradip has an easier display so you can see temperature, pH and TDS all at the same time. Or just get pH Perfect base nutrients, and stop worrying about pH.

• Dads caring for their marijuana children have to protect them from child molesters. Yes, you heard me right…there are a lot of plant pedophiles interested in harming marijuana children and adolescent female marijuana plants. They want to suck the juices right out of your marijuana girls, and deflower them. How do you protect the dignity and health of your marijuana children? One techno tactic is the Active Eye illuminated microscope that easily gives you the ability to look for molesters like mites, thrips, aphids, powdery mildew, molds, and other meanies.

• If the Active Eye detects pests and diseases, dad needs tools to eradicate those attackers. Ask your hydroponics store about Azamax, Doktor Doom spider mite foggers, Organocide miticide/fungicide, Safers Insecticidal Soap and Pyrethrin, and Serenade. These products protect against specific threats that harm marijuana plants, and are generally safe for use in marijuana gardens, but you want to be careful to use them properly so they don’t contaminate your buds. Also consider potassium silicate, which armors marijuana plants against insects, drought, and stress while also providing structural support for THC glands. And if Dad is a Kush marijuana grower, get him Kushie Kush, the only bloom booster additive designed specifically for Kush plants.

• Sunglasses are a common Father’s Day gift. If dad is single, you might get him some mirror sunglasses so he can enjoy the beach bikini scenery without being seen as a creepy old perv! But there are special sunglasses very useful for marijuana growers because they protect the eyes from potentially harmful wavelengths emitted by powerful hydroponics grow lights. These glasses have the added benefit of changing the orange look of HID HPS light to a more natural look, at least as far as the marijuana grower’s eyes are concerned. Try Lumii or Growgles glasses, and make this Father’s Day a good one for the marijuana growers in your life. And during bloom phase’s dark cycle, when regular light disrupts marijuana plants, a marijuana grower can safely go in the grow room and look around…if you get him a green LED flashlight or headlamp. Green light doesn’t disrupt blooming marijuana plants like regular light does.

• You can preserve the health of your favorite Father’s Day gift recipients by getting them the DaVinci portable vaporizer. You can read more about vaporizing marijuana in this interesting article, but I’m sure you already know vaporization is better for the lungs. The DaVinci vaporizer is the most reliable and high-tech portable vaporizer, and it’s a serious, expensive, and impressive Father’s Day gift that’ll give years of enjoyment.

• If Dad is into cooking, you can give him a gourmet ganja cookbook that goes way beyond regular marijuana cookbooks to deliver delicious entrees, appetizers, drinks, and desserts with a revolutionary dosing chart and other features that make eating marijuana even more fun and stoney than it already is. Read about the world’s most impressive marijuana cookbook here.

Of course, more and more women are growing marijuana, and these suggestions for Father’s Day gifts aren’t meant to insult the ladies. The items I’ve suggested in this article are generic enough that they’ll help growers no matter what kind of indoor hydroponics marijuana system they have, so do some hydroponics shopping…and put a smile on a marijuana grower’s face this Father’s Day and for years to come.

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