Expert Marijuana Growing Advice: Yellow Leaves & Too Much Marijuana

In our ongoing series to help you grow better and more marijuana, our expert growers answer your questions…

Dear BigBudsMag:

This is my sixth cannabis grow and my fan leaves and other big leaves are turning yellow from the center outward. This is happening from seedling up through vegetation. The nutrient mixture I am using is 20-20-20 N/P/K and 24-8-16 N-P-K.

Dear Grower:

The first thing that grabs my attention are the N-P-K ratios you mention. I’m pretty sure you’re using generic fertilizers rather than fertilizers made for marijuana.

Those N-P-K rations you cited are absolutely wrong for cannabis, especially for seedlings. Those are for tomatoes or corn, not for marijuana plants.

Any grow store or grow book that advises you to use those kind of fertilizers ought to be sued for malpractice.

What you need to do is immediately flush your root zone using several gallons of reverse osmosis water per plant.

Then read this article about why you should use only nutrients and fertilizers made for marijuana, rather than generic nutrients and fertilizers such as what you appear to be using.

Get yourself hydroponics nutrients made for marijuana that are appropriate for whatever type of growing system you have for your marijuana (aeroponics, soil, coco coir, rockwool, etc.), and then use those nutrients.

Also, read this article that explains perfect cannabis growing conditions and inputs so your marijuana plants have the best environment and food possibe.

Additionally, be aware that during late bloom phase, it’s natural for some marijuana strains to show yellowing of larger leaves.

This is not a sign of nutrients or pH problems. It’s similar to what’s happening when tree leaves turn yellow and red during autumn.

Hello Big Buds: First of all thank you for this magazine. You’re better than High Times or anything else I’ve found. So I live in a state where you are only allowed to have a certain amount of weed even if you’re a legal grower. The amount is too low, so that as soon as you harvest, you have too much weed and could get busted. What should I do with my “extra” weed?

Who would ever have thought that too much weed would be a problem? But I get it–the laws are stupid.

The first thing I’d do is make all that excess into bubblehash, errl, shatter, wax, budder, cannabis oil, butane honey oil, marijuana medibles, or some other product the police have a hard time weighing, or even knowing that it’s a cannabis product.

I read an article by another writer and she got me into making marijuana massage oil, and I gotta tell you, that stuff rocks and there’s no way the police would ever go look at your massage oil containers and say, “Look, we have excess marijuana stored here.”

In some states though, you’re not allowed to have concentrates, so you take a risk when you make them, and you need to check the laws where you live.

If you cannot or don’t want to make marijuana oils, medibles, or concentrates, you shouldn’t just throw your “excess” marijuana away.

There are many websites online now, including Craigslist, where 420 people can exchange information and make deals.

If your excess is only stalks, stems, and non-sugary leaf and you can’t find any other way to dispose of it, just bag it up and put it in a commercial dumpster if you can do that legally and without detection.

The bottom line is that you take some risk, and spend money and time, to grow your cannabis plants. You don’t really want to just throw away or give away material containing THC and other cannabinoids. Try converting it to other marijuana products!

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