hydroponic nutrients for marijuana

Experimenting with Hydroponics Nutrients for Marijuana

My girlfriend has a closet full of shoes she never wears.

I have a closet full of different brands of hydroponics nutrients I used and didn’t use again.

In the past three years I switched hydroponics nutrients for marijuana at least half a dozen times if not more.

Maybe you’ve done the same thing.

A lot of growers switch around trying to find the best hydroponics nutrients for marijuana.

I go to one grow shop where they say House & Garden is too expensive, you should use X, Dyna Gro, Cyco Platinum, Heavy 16, Botanicare or Green Planet hydroponics nutrients, they’re cheaper even though not as good as Canna, Advanced Nutrients, or H & G, but you could get a decent harvest if you’re lucky, sometimes the cheaper ones work.

I’m running a homemade bucket deep water culture system and the system is perfect with reverse osmosis water at the right temperature due to the chiller.

My grow room is pretty close to perfect too.

I kept changing nutrients because I wasn’t seeing results I wanted and because the nutrients were weird.

Every time I changed nutrients I had to figure out how to use the new ones.

I kept the old hydroponics nutrients and then went back to them later and they were crystallized or had floaties in them.

You can’t always count on them to mix out to be what you need.

The Heavy 16, Green Planet, Botanicare, Cyco, and X base hydroponics nutrients were cheap for sure, but at what cost to my sanity because I had to keep adding pH Up and Down every 12-24 hours and they were not clean-looking when you mixed.

You get what you pay for, said to me by the same hydro store dude who sold me most of the bottles that went didn’t work right or went bad. Some people use those brands and it works for them, he said, too bad for you.

Might as well use Miracle-Gro and really save money, ha ha, right?

Along the way I learned I better pay close attention to my marijuana leaves. Really that’s the only way to know how your marijuana plants are doing with the hydroponics nutrients.

You see in about 1-4 days if the nutrients are working.

The leaves tell you if there are  hydroponics nutrients problems.

Below is a leaf on Canna. I called them, I experimented with different ppms and pH, I wasted reverse osmosis water, I got frustrated, and still the leaves were a cry for help from my marijuana plants…

I threw away money on some brands of hydroponics nutrients for marijuana, but marijuana plants from good genetics still give you buds even if you feed them badly.

If you set your sights low you can be satisfied with almost anything that gets you high.

However it was my friend who buys buds from me who said dude it’s getting frustrating, what’s going on with your plants.

Because even though I had four marijuana plants from strong genetics and a thousand watts, I wasn’t getting a heavy enough yield for the two of us…he’s the one who made me think I should make a better decision about hydroponics nutrients.

He was buying all the bud I didn’t keep for myself and burning it too fast and then wanting more and more.

I saw that even charging him a lowly $200 an ounce I could pay all the cost of my grow op and make a good profit, so the more I harvest, the better.

After looking on the Internet (do a Google search for  “marijuana nutrients”) I arrived at Advanced Nutrients. They were obviously made for marijuana.

They also had something to solve the big hassle I was having with pH.

I was tired of adjusting it and pH meters in my opinion are a big rip-off.

Their Sensi pH Perfect made the pH go to 5.7 or 5.8 and stay right there.

In bloom I could add things to make the buds bigger and tastier (Big Bud, Overdrive, Bud Candy) without having to adjust pH.

The leaf problems went away. The buds were larger and the growing was easier.

I’ve used the Advanced Nutrients now for two cannabis crop cycles.

You easily see see the differences from the other hydroponics nutrients I used.

The photos with this article show you exactly what I mean.

The one in the main part of the article at the top is with Canna, and the photograph after this paragraph is the Green Planet. As you quickly recognize this is not what you want to see in your marijuana grow room…

In contrast, the photo at the top left is with the Advanced Nutrients.

When you view healthy marijuana leaves like that,  it means your hydroponics nutrients are doing the right thing.

These are all the same strain (kick-ass AK-47) from the same mothers grown in the same DWC system.

Figured out also that pH Perfect is more than a nice convenience of not having to measure pH and adjust it.

It also means the hydroponics nutrients go for longer because they go into marijuana plants better and faster over a longer time period instead of having to change the water so often. A money and time saver.

The other thing I want to say is they (Advanced Nutrients) are easier to get along with.

Their tech people are friendly and smart.

The other hydro companies, when you call and ask questions, they don’t want to talk to a marijuana grower, that’s easy to see.

I know some growers are satisfied with hydroponics nutrients brands that when I used them didn’t feed my marijuana plants well.

In fact, if you go by what the companies will publicly say about their products, the only hydroponics nutrients for marijuana are Advanced Nutrients.

All the other ones are for lettuce and tomatoes.

In my garden, Advanced Nutrients fixed my marijuana plant nutrients problems, and made my marijuana growing easier.

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