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Essential Marijuana Growing Tools Every Grower Needs

No matter what kind of marijuana grow room or garden you run, here’s the minimum basic marijuana grower toolkit you want to have:

A reliable pH and parts per million (EC or TDS) meter.

After years of wasting money on cheap pH and PPM meters, I found the only one that works well: the BlueLab Combo meter.

It precisely measures pH and PPM, EC, TDS… and it’s totally reliable.

When your pH sensor wears out, as all pH sensors do, you can easily replace it with a new BlueLab sensor.

Every marijuana grower must trim plants and most of us do it manually instead of using expensive, electrical trimming machines.

You want two kinds of manual clippers—a larger-capacity shear for cutting the main stalk when it’s time to say bye bye to your plants, and a fine trimmer for precision pruning during growth and after harvest.

Look here for the most basic but most reliable analog thermometer and hygrometer you can get.

Marijuana grow room fires are rare but if they happen, be prepared with an easy to use fire extinguisher spray unit.

Speaking of spraying, foliar feeding and foliar pest and crop protection is enhanced with this versatile 2-liter handheld pump sprayer with adjustable angles and spray patterns.

When you wear this green light bloom phase headlamp illuminator, you can go into your grow room during dark phase without disrupting plant light cycle triggering.

Knowing when to harvest depends on very close examination of your resin glands.

Your hydroponics marijuana growing tool collection should include this illuminated microscope that lets you see the color and clarity of THC and other cannabinoids in your resin gland.

Now you have the playbook for the supreme marijuana growing tools collection that every grower needs!

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