hemp diseases and pests

Emergency Help Your Marijuana Grow Room Must Have

Here’s a book so useful for marijuana growers it ought to be in a glass case in your marijuana grow room marked: “Open in Emergency.”

This three-author cannabis book is co-written by two guys who are successful marijuana businessmen and researchers. The other co-writer is a renowned medical doctor.

We’re talking about the book Hemp Diseases and Pests. The authors:

Robert Connell Clarke, international cannabis seeds collector and author of epic, legendary books Marijuana Botany and Hashish.

David Watson, who spent years traveling to the far corners of the plant to gather hundreds of landrace cannabis varieties and develop them into unique strains of cannabis.

Dr. John McPartland, renowned osteopathic physician.

With the incredible pedigree and knowledge of its authors, Hemp Diseases and Pests is the quintessential textbook for anyone who wants to understand cannabis origins, botanical classification, ideal growing conditions, and how to protect your marijuana grow room from pests, molds, fungi and diseases.

There are many marijuana cultivation books on the market that offer useful advice for growing and protecting your marijuana crops, but Hemp Diseases and Pests is the most complete.

It’s a university-level book, but it’s easy to understand and scientifically rigorous and comprehensive.

With gorgeous and instructive color photos and detailed accompanying data, you can quickly diagnose common and obscure insects, molds, fungi, hydroponics nutrients problems and other issues that harm your hydroponics and outdoor marijuana plants.

Absolutely crucial information about using biological and chemical controls to defeat marijuana’s natural enemies is complemented by convenient categorization of how specific problems affect marijuana plants at various stages of growth.

The really cool thing is that even though this book is written scientifically, it is eminently practical, fun to read, fascinating and outrageously useful for all of us (hydroponics and outdoor growers alike) who’re serious about our marijuana grow room or our outdoor marijuana gardens.

Clarke and Watson are leaders of Hortapharm BV, the Netherlands-based company that created proprietary, cannabinoid-specific marijuana cultivars for GW Pharmaceuticals, which is the leader in using whole plant cannabinoid extracts to make pharmaceutical cannabis-based medicines.

According to GW Pharmaceuticals, Hortapharm created individual marijuana cultivars that produce only one cannabinoid rather than the usual diversity of cannabinoids.

Thanks to Clarke and Watson, in GW’s ultra-modern grow rooms you find “THC plants,” “CBD plants” and similarly specialized, standardized cannabinoid-specific marijuana plants.

GW extracts natural cannabinoids from these Hortapharm cultivars and blends them into prescription cannabis medicines such as “Sativex.”

Clarke told me the book’s conservative academic publisher was worried about publishing a book on this topic, but has since found that Hemp Diseases and Pests is a top seller…

One of the most noteworthy things in Hemp Diseases and Pests is that the authors classify Cannabis indica as a different botanical segregate from Cannabis afghanica.

I’ve noted in other articles that people go crazy and become viciously snarky arguing about what is and isn’t Kush marijuana.

But if the expert authors of Hemp Diseases and Pests are correct, there are four distinct types of marijuana: sativa, indica, ruderalis and afghanica.

Kush is Cannabis afghanica.

Hemp Diseases and Pests is a large, strongly-bound hardcover book and costs more than most other grow books.

It doesn’t focus on hydroponics growing methods, hydroponics nutrients, or hydroponics equipment. However, the pleasure and functional utility of this legendary cannabis book will reward indoor and outdoor marijuana growers many times over.

Make it a part of your marijuana library now—you and your marijuana plants will be glad you did.

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