Dutch PassionDutch Passion Bubba Island Kush gives you mountains of thick, sturdy buds.

Passion Play: The Latest Strains From Marijuana Seed Company Dutch Passion

Legendary marijuana seed breeder Dutch Passion has given us the inside scoop on its newest strains. The team has created four new feminized strains to suit a wide variety of grower and consumer tastes, including a high-THC autoflowering strain and a pure CBD (cannabidiol) strain.

Celebrating 30 years in business last year, Dutch Passion is one of few cannabis companies known for producing high-quality seeds that have 100 percent germination rate, unique heritage genetics, and are true to their strain descriptions.

So, let’s dive right into these exciting new strains…

Lemon Zkittle

A feminized 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Las Vegas Lemon Skunk with a Zkittlez parent, during the breeding process of Lemon Zkittle, Dutch Passion perfected a phenotype that produces larger-than-average yields for a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Not only are the buds bigger than most people might expect if they’re used to growing sativa-leaning strains, but the resin production is impressive, too. It’s these attributes that make this strain useful for growers who intend to create traditional hashish — especially bubble hash and dry sift — or other kinds of concentrates.

As the name Lemon Zkittle suggests, the taste and scent of this strain is dominated by limonene terpenoids. Limonene exists in two isomeric forms, d-limonene and l-limonene, the former of which is a known cholesterol solvent that’s used to dissolve cholesterol-containing gallstones. Because of its ability to neutralize gastric acid and promote overall digestive health, limonene is great at relieving heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux. Plus, d-limonene has demonstrated chemo-preventative activity against many types of cancers.

While more scientific research needs to be conducted to determine how inhaling combusted or vaporized terpenoids, or consuming them in edible form, could benefit one’s health, existing medical literature on limonene is a good indicator that lemony or citrus cannabis strains do provide medical benefits.

How To Best Grow Lemon Zkittle

Because Dutch Passion created a phenotype packed with vitality and adaptability, you can push this strain hard with an aggressive feed program. Also, I recommend enacting a comprehensive trim program in which you top not just the apical meristem, but the topmost side branches, too. Do this nine days before you start bloom phase.

The hawkish feed program starts as soon as your seedlings have a sufficiently established root system. An organic stimulant like Ancient Earth, which contains humic and fulvic acids that help plants absorb nutrients, is best used from two weeks into grow, all the way through bloom until flushing.

In bloom phase, go big on Big Bud and Nirvana starting in weeks two or three and continue until peak bloom ends.

If grown well in a nine-week bloom phase, this new photoperiod feminized strain will give you large yields of very potent buds and a sweet high.

Bubba Island Kush

For lovers of indica and Kush, Dutch Passion has created Bubba Island Kush, which reminds me of a combination of Sensi Seeds’ Black Domina and Hash Plant because its foliage and buds display a bluish coloring, it’s pure indica, and has very high resin production, almost rivaling that of Gorilla Glue.

This is an ideal strain for beginner growers and cash croppers. It responds quickly to bloom-phase lighting, which is why it’s often the first strain to bud when lighting is switched to 12–12. You can hasten this process, and create more budding sites, by using Bud Ignitor as soon as you flip to bloom-phase lighting.

This strain also benefits growers who have limited height in their grow space. Even untopped, Bubba Island Kush grows into a bulky, dense, sturdy plant that only reaches 3–4 feet in height by the end of bloom phase.

But the stocky stature doesn’t mean low yields, because Bubba Island Kush forms branch-bending, top-to-bottom clusters of rock-hard nugs. When closely manicured and properly dried and cured, these dense buds are so hard that they feel like little rocks, and they’re covered in gooey Afghan Kush resins, especially if you apply Big Bud, Bud Candy, Nirvana, Bud Factor X and Overdrive at the right times during bloom phase. When you properly fertilize and take care of Bubba Island Kush, you’ll enjoy mountains of buds and beautiful foliage.

One unique feature of this new Dutch Passion strain is that the high isn’t the crushing couchlock you might expect from pure indica and Kush marijuana strains, due to the breeders inserting uplifting psychoactive genetics into the mix. So instead of inhaling this diesel-like, fruity, peppery strain and falling over drooling as so often happens with ultra-potent Kush and indica, you can stay awake, experience pain relief, and be clear-minded to boot.

Easy to grow, and ready for a scissors-gumming harvest after 56 days in bloom phase, Bubba Island Kush photoperiod feminized seeds are a rich, beautiful, short and sweet powerhouse from Dutch Passion.

Dutch Passion

Charlotte’s Angel is a high-CBD strain that’s easy to grow.

Charlotte’s Angel

Want to get medicated, but not high?

I used to scoff at high-CBD strains, even though I understood that cannabidiol is an important medical compound that makes cannabis a great medicine for spasms, seizures, arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation and headaches.

But as I grew and ingested marijuana strains that test at 22 percent or higher THC and less than 1.5 percent CBD, I noticed I was getting all the euphoric and stimulatory highs I wanted, but not much body relief. And sometimes those THC-rich strains hit me like caffeine or amphetamines.

So, I procured cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) crystals and combined them with my THC strains to make my high more relaxing, given that CBD moderates the effects of THC.

Now, instead of using CBDA crystals, I’ll be going Charlotte’s Angel, the 15 percent CBD/0.2 percent THC photoperiod feminized strain from Dutch Passion, which will be a more cost-effective way to bring CBD into my vape bowl.

As with many CBD-only strains, this one is easy to grow. You might be surprised that the buds produced look and smell like THC-rich buds. After a nine-week bloom phase, you get a moderately large harvest dominated by CBD.

Because CBD is a medical compound, Charlotte’s Angel won’t cause you to experience a euphoric high, unearth a previously undiscovered appreciation for Pink Floyd, or get a big boost to your appetite after you inhale. Rather, this CBD strain provides cannabidiol medical effects that will likely help you sidestep what can happen as THC leaches out of your blood plasma, when mild withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, loss of appetite and insomnia might occur. Charlotte’s Angel will mitigate those unpleasant feelings.

Auto Orange Bud

Dutch Passion is big on terpenoids that smell like oranges. Indeed, I’ve grown its Californian Orange strain, and in bloom phase it smelled just like orange blossoms.

Now, the company, which I consider to be an autoflowering pioneer, has debuted Auto Orange Bud, a strain that can be harvested 10–12 weeks after seed germination that will give you high THC percentages and high yields, with a sweet citrus taste and scent.

Whenever you grow autoflowering strains, maximize the relatively short grow phase and life cycle by giving it an accelerated feed program. This includes using effective hydroponics base nutrients, along with supplements like B-52, Rhino Skin and Ancient Earth in grow phase and then an immediate switch to Bud Ignitor, Big Bud, Nirvana, Rhino Skin and Overdrive in bloom phase.

If your hydroponics base nutrients and ancillary supplements are correctly dosed, your bloom-phase nutrients solution parts per million will be 1100–1300 ppm. As always, keep an eye out for leaf-tip burning. If you see signs of this, reduce your nutrients dose by at least 150 ppm.

Please Note: For marijuana growers using deep water culture or aeroponic systems, these grow methods are efficient at delivering nutrients into plants, so your maximum parts per million might need to be adjusted 30–50 percent lower than in regular hydroponics or soil growing. Also, beware of nutrients burn when you use deep water culture and aeroponics.

And remember, autoflowering marijuana strains start and finish on 18–20 hours of light per 24-hour period and don’t need topping or a 12–12 light cycle.

We’re always glad to give you insider information from respected cannabis seed companies like Dutch Passion. With prices increasing, now is the time to order the strains mentioned here, or other Dutch Passion strains, so that you have a stash of kind genetics to fuel your marijuana growing season for years to come.

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