Dutch PassionDutch Passion Frisian Dew is a sweet, beautiful photoperiod cannabis strain.

Dutch Passion Pioneers Autoflowering, Feminized, Heritage Cannabis Seeds & Strains for 30 Years

There are hundreds of companies creating marijuana strains and seeds, but only three have been around 30 years or more.

And only a few cannabis seed breeders create reliable strains that have high germination rates, fat yields, and grow out to be what the breeder describes them to be.

One of the most respected cannabis seed companies is Dutch Passion, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Their strains have won dozens of High Times Cannabis Cup awards and other awards from prestigious cannabis competitions.

Dutch Passion founder Henk Van Dalen was one of the original cannabis genetics strain hunters.

Born in The Netherlands, Henk collected seeds from heritage, foundational cannabis landrace regions such as Africa, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, North America, and Latin America.

Henk took big risks to develop cannabis gardening skills at a time when the Dutch cannabis coffeeshop and cultivation industries were in a legal gray area.

He focused on creating stabilized seeds and unique strains, and in 1987 he debuted Dutch Passion seed company.

In a few years, thousands of people worldwide were ordering Dutch Passion seeds.

Henk kept hearing from growers that worrying about male plants is a big hassle.

So he created feminized cannabis seeds and introduced them to the cultivation community.

At first, people were skeptical, but pretty soon, the obvious benefits of germinating seeds guaranteed to become female plants won people over.

Other seed companies, which at first resisted feminizing their seed lines, joined in.

Dutch Passion has researchers in Europe, South America, North America and Canada.

Along with Henk’s work since the 1970s, the breadth of their research program has helped them develop several cannabis innovations, including:

  • Autoflowering and feminized cannabis.
  • CBD-rich cannabis.
  • Hardy outdoor cannabis strains.
  • Cannabis with funny mutated leaves that fool police officers!

They have some of the most visually beautiful cannabis strains, including Frisian Dew and Euforia.

The deep purple, fuchsia, crimson, and red colors of the buds are a psychedelic treat.

And even though Dutch Passion pioneered autoflowering cannabis, their regular and feminized photoperiod cannabis strains such as Orange Bud, Mazar, Blueberry, Euforia, White Widow, Dutch Haze, Glueberry OG, Shaman, and Master Kush also have a special place in the Cannabis Hall of Fame.

These are strains you don’t see much of in North America, which makes them especially valuable for cash croppers who want to provide customers with new tastes and highs!

You look at the thirty-year lineage of their strains, which includes rare genetics from Thailand, Afghanistan, India, and Latin America, and you’re eager to grow their beans.

The Dutch Passion website and YouTube videos make it easy for you to discover which Dutch Passion strains will be your favorites.

BigBudsMag.com congratulates Henk and Dutch Passion for 30 years of excellent seed breeding and service for serious cannabis growers!

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