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Drunk Driver Forces Marijuana Grower to Learn What Works Best For Kush Marijuana

A drunk driver hit me from behind. Nearly snapped my neck.

I lay in the hospital bed wracked with pain and sick from Vicodin and Dilaudid, wishing the hospital would give me medical marijuana instead of opiates.

Back home my marijuana grow room was bursting with nearly-ripe Sativa marijuana plants, but Sativa medical marijuana isn’t ideal for easing pain.

Instead, I needed Kush marijuana.

Kush marijuana—known for couchlock, pain-relieving, narcotic, sleep-inducing effects—had never been my favorite marijuana.

I preferred stimulating Sativa-dominant weed, but I immediately asked my grow partner to procure Kush seeds or plants for us as soon as he had finished harvesting, drying, and curing the crop that was growing when I got injured.

I was hurt so bad, I couldn’t help him finish the crop.

He looked for Kush clones and found Ken the Kush Clone Man, a Kush marijuana cultivation expert and stock producers who provided 7-inch rooted clones of Jesus OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Violator Kush, Purple Kush, and OG Black Kush.

I was on General Hydroponics Flora 3-part hydroponics base program, using liquid Kool Bloom for PK boost during flowering, in a flood and drain table.

Ken said I should instead use Advanced Nutrients fertilizers.

He recommended Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients.

In bloom phase, he said use the base nutrients along with Kushie Kush, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Overdrive, and Bud Factor X.

I didn’t like the idea of changing away from General Hydroponics, as I’d been using it for a long time.

I called up Advanced Nutrients and asked for advice.  Why should I use their stuff instead of General Hydroponics?

Unlike other hydroponics companies, their tech support guy didn’t hang up on me when I said I grow marijuana.

He explained that Advanced Nutrients is the only hydroponics nutrients manufacturer that designs, tests, and makes hydroponic and organic nutrients for marijuana, and has done specific research on Kush cannabis.

Five years ago, he said, his bosses saw Kush as a dominant force in the marijuana marketplace, and commissioned scientists to evaluate growth rates, plant health, BRIX, cannabinoid profiles and THC/CBD/CBN percentages of the most popular “true” Kush strains to micro-monitor how N, P, K, and other compounds affect Kush marijuana.

The hypothesis was that because true Kush strains handle heavy feedings, mega-watts of HID light, and lots of C02, you could use a specific high-ppm feed program to make the buds harder, more resinous, and heavier.

Starting with the foundation that extra phosphorus and potassium fuels buds, the scientists experimented with PK ratios, raw materials, carriers, and floral-boosting compounds.

Eventually, they saw consistent increases in Kush potency and harvest weight using the bloom phase formula called Kushie Kush.

I asked why the Kushie Kush label only lists nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, and why nitrogen is included in a bloom booster. Usually, nitrogen isn’t present in a bloom booster.

He explained the product contains more ingredients than what’s on the label, because hydroponics labels are government-regulated  to limit what you can say on them, and to protect trade secrets.

He said that Kushie Kush definitely increased Kush growth rate, bud size, taste, smell, and resins.

I switched to Advanced Nutrients and found their products are easier to use and better to use.

I especially like that I don’t have to worry about my reservoir pH.

Ken advised that many “Kush” marijuana strains are hybrids, and every grow system has its own particulars. Always carefully monitor nutrients’ strength, especially in bloom phase, and be sure to flush before harvest.

In amended soil (such as supersoil) with on-board nutrients, he recommended using Kushie Kush at one quarter of its recommended dose rate and frequency.

On my first harvest with Kush and Advanced Nutrients, I brought in a large amount of premium Kush buds, and now enjoy the taste, pain relief, and relaxation I get from Kush marijuana.

I regret to say that Advanced Nutrients no longer makes Kushie Kush. They told me to stick with their regular bloom phase feed program, and my results would be almost as good, and better than with any other hydroponics nutrients brand.

Kush is easier to grow than Sativa. It also has a very high retail price and everybody wants it.

I’m becoming a Kush marijuana fanatic, and it’s great!

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