Оnline marijuanaOnline marijuana scams plague the Internet!

Don’t Fall for Online Marijuana Advertising Scams

Online marijuana advertising is everywhere.

One reason we don’t have a comments section here at BigBudsMag.com is because so many online marijuana advertisement scams show up on YouTube, High Times, Facebook, and other online marijuana-related comments forums.

We don’t want our website used by ripoff online marijuana advertisers.

Following is actual unedited text from online marijuana ads:

We got top grade medical marijuana and Oils for patients and smokers, For A decade Now, we been cultivating our medical marijuana respecting the highest traditional cultivating standards, using the finest ingredients expertly chosen by our master farmers, All over USA, Canada and Europe.

Our Medical marijuana’s unique crisp flavor is enjoyed and recognized as the perfect ingredient for health cure and smoking happy times shared with friends.

   We got All top grade of weed and we recommend these to our Clients

Medical marijuana and other strains for pain relief, and for the cure of cancer, Depression ,Glaucoma,Anxiety and Tension,Headaches,Chronic Pain and Nausea, Mental and Physical Fatigue and for Calming Aromatherapy available, contact @+1(804) 250-1073 or Davidlei1452@gmail.com

We offer top strains all graded A+++ .We have strains available which Helps ALL cancers, diabetes, severe chronic pain, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, Crohn’s, IBS, depression, epilepsy,dermatitis, ostaeoporosis, psoriasis, insomnia, ulcers, scars, moles, eczema, infections, allergies, burns, glaucoma, asthma, tumors,fibromyalgia,anxiety, migraines, regulation of weight,infertility.

Teresa Phillips · Salt Lake City, Utah

text us at (424) 226-6087

We sell top quality medical oil, marijuana and edibles at affordable prices.

Discrete delivery available in vacuum sealed containers to any location.

Tracking numbers available ,These products are highly recommended for its anticancer properties, relief of symptoms of chronic diseases and pain relief. Our strains are all Top shelf grade AAA + and the taste is good and  incredible strong . Below is a list of some the products we have stock and

reliable supplier of quality Kush, oil and medical Marijuana actavis,pills,text (215) 826-5370

Medical Marijuana,weeds,og kushes, Strains and Buds cannabis for sell

to inquire about our stuffs

text or call (215) 826-5370


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As you can see, the online marijuana scam people aren’t very good at using the English language.

We got a throwaway phone and engaged in text and voice conversations with online marijuana advertisers.

We contacted nearly a dozen of these online marijuana advertisers and couldn’t find even one that was legit.

We were only able to reach two by phone to have a voice conversation.

These scammers prefer that you text them, hoping you’ll use your actual text information so they scam and spam your text service.

It was quickly obvious none of these online marijuana advertisers were ethical or honest.

They didn’t know how their alleged buds were grown, dried, or cured. They didn’t know the differences between marijuana strains.

They couldn’t tell us when the buds had been harvested.

They persisted in asking for credit card information, home address, and other personal information.

These online marijuana scammers were rude, argumentative, and braindead.

They wanted us to send money via cash, Western Union, certified check, or money order.

All of these are methods that give you no way to get your money back.

Online marijuana prices for whole bud are ridiculously high, averaging $500 an ounce.

Not only that, they asked a lot of money for “registered shipping,” which they claimed would guarantee delivery.

They were confused about the differences between butane honey oil, shatter, wax, bubblehash and other marijuana concentrates, and their prices for concentrates were insanely high.

The two online marijuana advertisers we reached by voice both had thick foreign accents.

One was Indian, the other was Hispanic.

The simple fact is that in the United States, there are no reliably safe ways to order online marijuana unless you find those few legal marijuana dispensaries that accept online orders.

It’s way easier to get ripped off than it is to get good bud.

If you use a credit card, most likely they’ll fraud it.

If by chance someone sends you actual cannabis in the mail or via a shipper like UPS or FedEx, it’s a federal crime for you to order or receive the goods.

The good news is that more and more of us live in states where we can grow our own marijuana, or purchase it at dispensaries.

The BigBudsMag.com grow team strongly advises you NOT to contact online marijuana advertisers typified by the ads we quote above.

Note that in California, Colorado, and other legalized marijuana states, a few marijuana dispensaries offer online ordering and delivery services that are legit.

In most cases, dispensary online marijuana ordering is only so you can place an order and then go pick it up.

If you’re not located where you can buy from those legit sellers, grow your own marijuana, or go to a dispensary or buy from an individual marijuana grower in person.

In almost all situations other than online purchases from established marijuana dispensaries, online marijuana sales are a dangerous, stupid scam!

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