Don’t Get Busted or Robbed Growing Hydroponics Marijuana!

Whether you live in a medical marijuana state or not, if you’re growing kind bud like Kush, Haze, Blue Dream, Diesel or LA Confidential, it’s worth hundreds of dollars per ounce and home invasion rip-offs love stuff that’s worth that much.

We’re seeing so many medical marijuana dispensary robberies, and there are a lot of hydroponics medical marijuana home invasion robberies too. And of course, there are always the worst marijuana home invasion thieves you can run into: the police.

How can you avoid getting ripped off or raided? Here are some tips:

  • Treat your sexual partners, spouse, business partners and other people with respect and ethics so they have no reason to nark you out (being narked out by a disgruntled, vengeful ex is a major reason for marijuana growers being arrested or ripped off). Similarly, be careful about who you allow into your life. If you get even the slightest intuition that a person is a flake, fake, cop, liar, unstable, or has recently been busted…distance yourself from them as much as possible.
  • No 420, Hemp Saves the Planet, Bob Marley, Free Tommy Chong or similar bumper stickers on your car.
  • Speaking of cars, obey all traffic laws, make sure your vehicle registration is up to date, and all your turn signals and other equipment are working fine.
  • No loud, crazy, lots of cars in the yard and driveway parties. Keep a low profile.
  • Speaking of loud and crazy, don’t have dogs that bark all the time or chase people (unless the people are trying to rob your marijuana)
  • Don’t crow about your incredible marijuana garden and your growing skills.
  • Keep your indoor marijuana grow room in the back of the house so you don’t have to put aluminum foil or some other heat score on the front windows.
  • Speaking of windows, it’s all about preventing light leaks. Walk around your home at night when your hydroponics grow lights are on and see if any bright light is escaping.
  • Use infrared and RFI blocking insulation, wall covering and attic filler to prevent detection of heat and radio frequencies that police and rippers use to detect marijuana growing.
  • Use digital ballasts that reduce RFI (radio frequency interference) so your grow room is less detectable from outside your home.
  • Don’t order hydroponics supplies from online sellers and have them shipped to the address where your marijuana grow room is located or use a credit card that has a billing address where a marijuana grow room is.
  • Don’t get high while you’re driving or in public places. If you store or transport marijuana anywhere, or have to carry it in your car, check out GroGroGadget Black Magic Odor Barrier Bags that are designed to prevent rippers or badge-wearing folks from smelling your dank weed!
  • Only shop at hydroponics retailers you know and trust, and remember the warning given in our hydroponics retailer interview where the retailer notes that many hydroponics stores are under police surveillance. This means you don’t go to the hydroponics store in a vehicle that is registered at the address where your hydroponics marijuana grow room is.
  • Get rid of your cell phone, or at least take the battery out most of the time. The government uses cell phones as a tracking device- whether or not you have the phone on, if the battery is in the phone, Big Brother can use the phone to watch or even listen to you.
  • Don’t throw hydroponics supply containers, boxes or any cannabis debris away in your garbage. Police and rippers can legally look in your garbage when it is on the curb.

So now you have some solid hydroponics marijuana gardening security tips. You control whether police or rip-offs know you have a marijuana grow room. Live carefully, and you are likely to have a safe hydroponics marijuana growing experience. Avoid home invasion robberies, whether police or civilians are the ones doing them. Grow safewink

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