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Does Marijuana Cause Man Boobs

 When my girlfriend suggested we go shopping for a bra, I thought she wanted us to make a sexy visit to Victoria’s Secret to get a hot one, for her.

But then she pointed to my chest.

I wasn’t overweight, but my “male breasts” had grown so large and weird that I was ashamed to take off my shirt.

Some guys even resort to breast reduction surgery to get rid of man boobs, which are sometimes called “moobs.”

I realized that these ugly, unwanted man boobs had developed only after I started growing marijuana.

As a marijuana grower, I produced enough bud to significantly increase my marijuana intake.

I was smoking more marijuana in a day than I used to smoke in a week.

And I was boosting THC percentages using marijuana hydroponics fertilizers from a company called Advanced Nutrients. I was growing super-weed and getting super-stoned.

I went to an endocrinologist who had me do blood and saliva tests.

“Your estradiol is higher than some women’s,” the doctor said, frowning at the test results. “Your testosterone is low. Your thyroid hormones areout of alignment. These hormone imbalances put you at increased risk for prostate cancer, stroke, and heart attacks.”

He asked about my diet, how much I exercise, do I have any “unusual stress” in my life, do I use alcohol, hard drugs, or steroids.

He asked if my “sex drive” or sexual potency had decreased.

It had, and I was as worried about that as I as about the man boobs. My girlfriend loves sex and so do I, but lately I’d been resorting to doing more oral sex on her, because I couldn’t get hard enough long enough.

The endocrinologist asked if I was consuming GMO soy or similar plant products known to have an estrogenizing, feminizing effect on men.

When I told him I use marijuana he said, “That could be your problem.”

The doctor explained that heavy marijuana use affects male reproductive hormonal systems.

It wasn’t just that I get the munchies, eat a lot, gain weight, and develop man boobs. It’s a direct hormonal effect, he said.

At first, I didn’t believe him. Didn’t want to believe him. I suspected that his warnings were “junk science” drug war lies.

He had me read research indicating that marijuana can cause widespread hormone system disruptions in some men.

He said there were pharmaceutical drugs and over the counter supplements that could reduce estrogenate compounds in my body, but he wanted us to see if that reduction would take place solely because I quit using cannabis for a while.

Convinced, I quit marijuana cold turkey. It was really hard.

If you have to quit marijuana for any reason, read this article.

Blood tests showed it took six weeks for all the marijuana metabolites to leave my body.

Nine weeks after I quit marijuana, a new set of tests revealed that my estradiol, testosterone, thyroid and other hormonal levels were heading towards “normal” range.

But I didn’t really need lab tests to tell me that.

Within a few weeks of quitting marijuana, my man boobs shrunk, and their nipple tenderness disappeared.

My sex drive, and ability to perform sexually, increased.

If you’re a guy who smokes a lot of marijuana and you’re objectively sure you don’t have man boobs or other hormonal problems, I’m glad.

No doubt marijuana interacts with each of us differently. It doesn’t always make a man grow moobs. It doesn’t always cause excess estrogens.

But for me personally, I can’t use marijuana all day every day or it’ll mess up my hormones and make the man boobs come back.

Reducing marijuana intake has helped me financially because instead of consuming hundreds of dollars worth of marijuana every month, I now sell most of my cannabis harvest to a medical marijuana dispensary!

The main thing I’m saying is if you’re a chronic marijuana-smoking male, consider taking an honest look at your chest, waistline, sexual potency, exercise capacity, and testosterone levels.

Marijuana is a female flower, and maybe it’s messing with your masculinity and hormone systems. No guy wants man boobs. No guy wants to be shopping for a bra…for himself!

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