Marijuana Discovery ChannelDiscovery Channel show tells us about a cannabis cultivation university!

Discovery Channel Show Highlights Online Cannabis Training University

The Discovery Channel and News Watch recently featured the world’s only online cannabis training university that helps you grow your best marijuana.

The Discovery Channel show includes an interview with hydroponics industry pioneer Michael Straumietis, the man who created Grow Med University along with expert professional marijuana growers from across the world.

Straumietis founded and runs Advanced Nutrients, the only research and manufacturing company making hydroponics and organic nutrients specifically designed to boost cannabis yields and potency.

He told this is the first time the mainstream media has publicized a professional online cannabis training university.

He says the Discovery Channel show is more evidence that mainstream media is becoming hip to the fact that (according to the Washington Post) the marijuana industry is likely to be earning bigger revenues than the NFL by 2020.

Straumietis told us he created Grow Med University because marijuana growers often get incorrect cultivation information that limits their crop potential.

“There are so many myths, half-truths, and ‘hippie magic’ out there that somebody had to give you a free online university where the truth and facts about cannabis growing are simplified so anybody grow well,” he explained. “The good news is whether you’re a novice or grandmaster grower, Grow Med University gives you a ton of information so you take your hydroponics crops to the next level to become a champion grower!”

Grow Med University is a constantly-updated online cannabis university that provides a unified source for the best marijuana cultivation information, Straumietis explains.

It’s organized as a multi-media, step-by-step online cannabis cultivation training program that explains in depth all details of marijuana growing. Learning units are useful for all levels of cannabis growers, and include information about the medical cannabis business.

Beginners learn professional marijuana cultivation techniques so they avoid common mistakes newbies make, and get fantastic harvests from their very first attempt at growing cannabis indoors.

Experienced growers learn advanced techniques that increase their yields and profits.

“Now’s the time for new growers to enter the cannabis industry, and for all growers to get free training in the latest marijuana cultivation tactics, equipment, and techniques,” Straumietis says. “Grow Med University is guaranteed to help growers get the most from participating in the cannabis growing industry.”

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