Colorado Legal Marijuana

DEA & Crazy People Team Up Against Colorado Legal Marijuana!

When the DEA invaded Colorado a few days ago to again raid legal recreational and marijuana growers and dispensaries, it was just more evidence that police are out of control…and that marijuana “legalization” here is a fragile, imperfect situation.

DEA agents (assisted by Colorado law enforcement) trashed millions of dollars worth of Colorado marijuana plants and buds, while also trashing and ripping off the actual buildings and possessions of marijuana entrepreneurs.

But the DEA isn’t the only problem.

I wrote previously how I love Colorado’s thriving marijuana industry, but I worry about marijuana-hating “Christian” military and right-wing types in Colorado Springs and elsewhere in Colorado.

Sad to say, there’s a rising tide of hardcore opposition to marijuana legalization and other “progressive” changes in Colorado.

An angry minority of Coloradans want to break away from Colorado and make a new state all their own. They’re terrified of marijuana, and all that it represents.

I have conversations with these folks, pretending sympathy to their causes so they say what they really think. Here’s a sampling of their statements and beliefs:

  • Marijuana rots the brain. It makes you lazy. It makes you a “fag or dyke.” It’s a “communist plot by Obama” to pacify America.
  • Alcohol is “American,” and never harmed anybody “except them that deserved it.”
  • Marijuana is “un-American” and can kill you. Colorado’s legalized marijuana laws are “the work of the devil.”
  • Women, “Indians,” blacks, and homesexuals don’t deserve equal rights with white men and women. They shouldn’t be allowed to vote, hold office, or get “special treatment” that protects them from discrimination. They deserve to be discriminated against, “because they are born inferior.”
  • Guns are as American as apple pie and anyone who tries to regulate guns will find out the hard way that “gun control means take aim and shoot accurately.” Anyone (other than someone who is certifiably insane) should be able to own any firearm he or she wants to, including military firearms.
  • Protection of the environment is “a taking of our liberty. The earth is here for us to whatever we damn well please to it.” Shoot, mine, log, dam, blow up, chainsaw, pollute, rip, destroy, GMOs, oil and gas drilling, run cattle until the land is dust. “God gave it to us and He told us to dominate it.” Environmental protection laws, park rangers, and environmentalists are “road kill. If the earth is a mother, then I’m a motherfu**er.”
  • Abortion is murder and a sin, but war is God’s will.
  • Obama is a Muslim socialist “n****r” who bought the presidency by promising free money to Hispanic immigrants and poor people. “He should go take a convertible ride through downtown Dallas.”
  • “If people keep messing with us good Americans then we have no choice but to rise up and exercise our Second Amendment options.”

If you think these folks are kidding, think again. They’re even pushing a special election, hoping to take over Northern Colorado counties and secede from Colorado to form their own state, where they won’t allow marijuana, homosexuals, women’s health clinics, parks, environmental regulations, or Mexicans.

There’s a hard core of right-wing folks who have a lot of hatred, guns, and ammunition. They see Colorado’s marijuana legalization as a sign our state is going to hell.

I’m trying to work up the courage to invite some of them to smoke or vape homegrown marijuana with me and see how it makes life a whole lot nicer.

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