marijuana grow roomAvoid marijuana grow room mistakes and get big fat buds like these!
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What Are the Most Common Marijuana Grow Room Mistakes?

Marijuana grow room mistakes—we’ve all made them.

We’re here to help you avoid the most common marijuana grow room mistakes.

In this article’s text and videos, you’re getting valuable information your marijuana plants are going to love!

Overwatering: It’s so easy to do, and drowns your roots.

When you’re growing in properly-tuned pure hydroponics systems such as deep water culture, aeroponics, and NFT, you won’t have this problem.

The most common place we see it is in soil, rockwool, and soilless mix.

Water less.

Overfeeding: This happens because the majority of hydroponics nutrients manufacturers are careless about making and dosing their products, and their feed charts suck.

You follow their instructions and end up burning your plants, especially in bloom phase.

Plants Too Close to Lights: Another way to fry plants.

If you’re using HID grow lights and especially double-ended, you want to measure the temperature at the canopy and feel the heat there with your hand to see if it’s too warm.

Marijuana Grow Room Humidity Problems: Humidity should be in a sweet spot of 52-61%, depending on the likelihood of mold and mildew, along with other factors.

Not Quarantining Imported Clones: If you bring clones into your grow op, dip them in Spinosad or Azamax, and then quarantine them for a week while you monitor them closely for pests and diseases.

Infested or infected clones are a massive problem in our industry.

Incorrect pH in Hydroponics Nutrients Water and/or Root Zone: pH is a crucial factor in nutrients absorption and it can go wrong in a hurry.

Using pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients in your marijuana grow room is the easy way to beat this problem.

Grow Room Too Hot: This is a much more common problem than the marijuana grow room being too cold.

Without C02, your grow op should be 74°F. With C02, you can go as high as 82-84°F.

Bad Hydroponics Nutrients: We constantly recommend Advanced Nutrients.


Because they’re the only fertilizers professionally made by a world-class marijuana grower for marijuana growers.

If your plants are having nutrients problems and you’re doing everything you can to maintain proper pH, using reverse osmosis water, and not overwatering, it’s probably because of the nutrients brand you’re using.

We’ve seen especially shitty results from Scotts Miracle-Gro, otherwise known as General Hydroponics.

Avoid schwag nutrients not made specifically for plants like yours.

Starting With Inferior Genetics: Genetically speaking, with cannabis growing it’s garbage in, garbage out.

If you grow inferior genetics you get inferior weed.

Invest in the highest quality marijuana seeds or clones you can find.

Genetics play a major role in the health, quality, taste, potency, harvest weight, and yield you get from your marijuana crops.

Wrong Harvest Timing: Many growers run out of weed and start harvesting too early.

Others wait too long and the resin glands are desiccating on the plant.

Do incremental harvesting for just the right timing to get maximum weight, THC, and taste.

Allowing Pests & Diseases Into Your Grow Op: Treat your cannabis grow room like a bank vault.

Beware of microscopic attackers like mold spores and powdery mildew, spider mites and aphids.

Now  you’ll avoid them marijuana grow room mistakes we’ve all made.

Your marijuana plants will grow better, and your buds heavier and stronger☺

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