Hydroponics Nutrients

Colorado Marijuana Grower Changes Hydroponics Nutrients, Gets More Profits

For all commercial or just serious amateur marijuana growers here’s how you get more profits per year from your marijuana grow ops.

My Colorado grow op is legal and state-licensed. I run 11 one-thousand-watt HID lights in my main rooms and a bank of LEDs and T-5s in veg, motherplant, and seedling/clone rooms.

For every hydroponics grow light in my main rooms, I put 7-12 full-size, topped plants in individual ten-gallon buckets filled with a media consisting of Pro-Mix, a very small amount of earthworm castings and 1-5-4 bat guano, and added perlite.

The main marijuana varieties I grow are Kosher Kush, God Bud, Skywalker OG, and Blue Widow.

After a lot of experimenting with watering systems, I now use a drip irrigation recirculating system.

Of course I use hydroponics nutrients, and had been using House and Garden nutrients until I switched to Advanced Nutrients six months ago.

The switch came after another commercial marijuana grower told me when he switched from Canna to the Advanced he had seen his plants grow better. I was visiting his grow, and I saw the difference too. My hydroponics store had a sale on Advanced Nutrients, so I changed over.

One thing that happened for him and me after the switch is less hours of cannabis plant maintenance.

Because the hydroponics nutrients were feeding better and we used the Balance-Free aka “pH Perfect” hydroponics base nutrients, there were less problem leaves, which translates into less trimming of leaves.

In a big grow op if you have nutrients problems and X number of leaves go bad and have to be removed, the workload is more than you want to have to do.

Another thing that happened is I saved on time of mixing and applying hydroponics nutrients. This happened because I didn’t have to monitor or adjust pH, and it saved many hours and dollars.

The other time-saving part of this is that the Advanced Nutrients product line  is standardized for mixing at 16 milliliters per gallon for their bases and eight milliliters per gallon for their additives.

You save lots of time not being forced to do pH work, or having to calculate complicated hydroponics mixing ratios.

By using the Advanced Nutrients additive called “Bud Ignitor,” I got earlier flowering and more flowering sites. It was about five days earlier.

The grow phase hydroponics base nutrients give me faster growth in the veg phase too, so I can flip from veg into flowering 6-8 days earlier than usual and then saw my marijuana plants ready for harvest about 6-12 days earlier than usual.

What this means is I can finish crop cycles faster and get more harvests per year. Each crop finishes faster with more weight, more resin glands, and less time, labor, water, and electricity having been spent on them.

I always track my marijuana plants’ growth rate and health, as well as the cannabinoid percentages. It was obvious to me that the resin gland production had increased.

I used their Bud Factor X and the Sensi hydroponics base nutrients and got 7-13% more resin glands per ounce of bud.

This translates directly into more profits for me because I’m making more marijuana extracts, and more resin glands means more profits.

It also means that for the percentage of my cannabis crops I sell as whole bud instead of extract, the price is higher because the buds have more THC and other resins.

House & Garden and Advanced Nutrients are some of the more expensive hydroponics nutrients brands.

I saved nearly $100 on nutrients cost per month using the Advanced Nutrients feed program when compared to the cost of using House and Garden.

I had been using House and Garden Aqua Flakes, Algen Extract, Bud XL, and Top Booster. I switched to Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur pH Perfect, Big Bud, Bud Factor X and Bud Ignitor.

One other difference between the two brands is that Advanced Nutrients technical support staff were way more marijuana friendly than the House and Garden people.

Yes, it’s true that a very skilled grower can get acceptable crop yields using House and Garden, Canna, General Hydroponics, and other hydroponics brands that aren’t made for marijuana.

But when you want more and danker marijuana per season and faster turnarounds so you make more money in less time and with less work, my experience tells me it’s best to use Advanced Nutrients.

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