fly high with marijuanaHere’s how you fly high with legalized Colorado marijuana!

Here’s How to Enjoy a Colorado Marijuana Tour

Imagine you want the ultimate cannabis vacation on the planet right now. Where do you go? Colorado—home of the Rocky Mountain high.

Some of us are good at using travel websites like Yelp or Trip Advisor, or going somewhere with a credit card, I-Phone, and GPS and making our own fun.

But when you want a cannabis vacation in Colorado without any guesswork, it’s sweet to arrange a secure, knowledgeable, legal Colorado cannabis hook-up so you get the finest whole bud, resins, medibles, hash oil, dab rigs, bongs, and other equipment.

You can get a tour guide who knows Denver, the airport, the mountains, the ski and snowboard trails, and all the cannabis-friendly nightclubs, events, and restaurants.

Book cannabis-friendly transportation and lodging. And hire Colorado-based “420 friends” who chill with you and know all the right places for stoner fun.

We talked to Peter Johnson, head of Colorado Green Tours, and here’s an edited version of what he told us:

“We book everything, pick you up at the airport, bring you to your cannabis-friendly accommodations, and provide you a Colorado cannabis expert personal guide who helps you get the most from your vacation.

We arrange tours to cannabis-friendly destinations, dispensaries, grow rooms.

We provide information for all kinds of cannabis use, and for investors/entrepreneurs interested in getting into the cannabis industry in Colorado or elsewhere around the nation.

We offer gourmet cannabis cooking classes to teach oil and butter extractions, and we make three ganja dishes that students can take with them. 

We provide information and booking for all kinds of tours: brewery/wine/mead tours, foodie tours, skiing, whitewater rafting, bike trips, hiking and camping guides, fly fishing guides, snowmobile/ATV tours, glider flights, sunrise cannabis & champagne breakfast hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, and other events from catching a football or baseball game to a music show at Red Rocks, including your own custom-planned private cannabis event in Colorado at any number of venues.

We set up visits to dispensaries, grow rooms, extraction facilities, private smoking areas, mountain vistas, massages, and private catered events. 

We also show guests many types of wax, shatter, CO2 oils, live resins, bubblehash, dry ice hash, kief, scissor hashish, budder, pie crusts, and taffies.

At Colorado dispensaries you find edibles of all kinds including infused chocolate bars, and products that have cannabis oil sprayed on, such as gummies, granolas, and baked goods and candies of all kinds. 

Of course there are pre-rolled joints and accessories like papers, glass, pipes and dab rigs at pretty much all dispensaries, but as a tour guide we’ll have that for you; we rent dab rigs, heating elements, and torches.

It’s a total vacation experience with peace of mind, because when you touch down in Denver you don’t have to worry about getting behind the wheel or navigating in a new town or DUI’s, and you’re almost always in a place you can consume cannabis legally in private when you’re with us.” 

What to Look For In a Colorado Marijuana Tour Service

There are several tour operators who publicly advertise as providing marijuana-centered tourism services in Colorado.

I talked to marijuana tourists who’ve used various Colorado tour services, as well as to some of those businesspeople who provide cannabis tourism services.

The following website links are some Colorado marijuana tourism businesses that appear to be legitimate, ethical, and high-quality:

Please note that along with legit marijuana tourism companies there are also scammers and losers advertising that they do “cannabis tours,” but when you dig deeper, you discover there’s no cannabis involved, they want a ton of money up front, and they lack authentic expertise in marijuana or connections in the marijuana industry.

I have to tell you most Colorado tour services are very expensive.

A few hours in a limo going to a couple of cannabis dispensaries can cost $750 for two people.

Before you book a tour, ask the tour company:

What kind of experience do you have growing marijuana and using it?

How much do you charge and what do I get for my money?

What access do you provide to dispensaries, and which dispensaries?

What bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and other accessories do you provide, and is there a fee to use them? If so, how much.

Do you provide referrals and access to hotels, condos, ski resorts, restaurants, dance clubs, music venues, and other lodging and activity sites that are guaranteed totally marijuana-friendly?

How long have you and your team been in Colorado; how long has your marijuana tour company been in business?

What are your deposit, guarantee, and refund policies? Do you accept credit card payments?

Can you send me photos of lodging, grow rooms, dispensaries so I know you’re legit?

Can you provide chill companionship such as dates, escorts, and “instant friends” who are 420-friendly?

Do you have videos on YouTube or elsewhere showing your marijuana tours?

Do you have references and testimonials from real people?

As you talk to people who want to charge you for marijuana tours in Colorado, evaluate their personalities and honesty.

I talked to some really cool people, but some of the marijuana tour operator people I spoke with were pompous, evasive, sleazy, uneducated, greedy.

Many had never grown marijuana nor did they know enough about cannabis to provide a tour with excellent weed products.

And frankly, given that when you get high you’re especially sensitive to the ambiance of who’s around you, you want to make sure your tour operator is a pleasant, caring, generous, professional person, not just some rude dude trying to make money off of you.

An alternative to paying a tour operator for lodging referrals is to look on VRBO, AIRBNB, Craigslist, and other sites to find marijuana-friendly lodging yourself.

Read this article to find out about buying Colorado marijuana on Craigslist.

Because a marijuana tourist can legally buy a quarter ounce of cannabis per day, look at weedmaps listings of Colorado marijuana dispensaries and go to the best marijuana dispensaries on your own.

If you’re into snowboarding and skiing, be aware that many Colorado outdoor winter sports venues are NOT friendly to marijuana.

It’s not a good idea to smoke cannabis in public.

Some hotels, ski resorts, and snowboard run operators may try to bust you or get you kicked out if you’re using marijuana on their premises.

If you’re planning on going clubbing, dancing, or to any other entertainment venue, call ahead to find out their policies on marijuana use.

For stealth when I’m going to a movie theater, concert, dance club or other entertainment site, I eat medibles or vape odorless bubblehash or other concentrates to decrease the possibility that anyone will hassle me.

The Colorado marijuana tourism industry is sure to become larger and more profitable as more people discover the joys of cannabis tourism.

The High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam was canceled in 2015, due to Holland’s increasingly hostile cannabis regulations, and it’s doubtful there ever will be another Holland Cannabis Cup.

Jamaica has become a third-world mess.

That’s why Colorado is THE place to go when you want to procure fine cannabis, get high, and enjoy natural beauty, a wide variety of marijuana products, grow rooms, and other kind pleasures.

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