Marijuana EdiblesColorado legal marijuana regulations don’t favor marijuana edibles.

Colorado Legal Marijuana Medibles Regulations Are Just Plain Stupid!

Colorado legal marijuana is a big-money industry that’s providing jobs, a real estate boom, piles of cash, and a lot of fun for tourists and residents.

But as I’ve said before, it’s not really legalization—it’s “regulation.”

And the Colorado’s government’s ongoing attempts to regulate the Colorado legal marijuana industry shows you how stupid regulations can be.

The latest foolishness is being promoted by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division.

What they want to do is to have manufacturers of marijuana medibles place a brand, an actual image, on individual marijuana medibles.

For example, a marijuana medible being sold in a Colorado legal marijuana pot shop would have to have a brand marker in the form of a stop sign.

Inside the stop sign would be the letters “THC.”

They want marijuana medibles manufacturers to actually put this warning brand on the product itself, not just on the product label.

Colorado marijuana regulators also want to ban the word “candy” from marijuana medibles and edibles, even if the product is candy.

Believe it or not, this wacky proposal isn’t as weird as one of the previous ones… regulators wanted all marijuana edibles to be made into a specific shape, so people would immediately know the product contained cannabinoids, and wouldn’t make the mistake of eating it thinking it was just regular food.

This is just the latest in a round of harsh regulations based on fear of edible cannabis.

Because a handful of people have gotten sick or too high from eating marijuana edibles, Colorado regulators have gone crazy trying to “protect” us from stupidity.

They want marijuana edible products “stamped, shaped, colored or otherwise marked” to indicate that the edible isn’t for children and contains cannabinoids.

One of my friends is in the Colorado legal marijuana medibles industry, and she complains bitterly that the regulations are “totally unworkable, costly, and ridiculous.”

“These state regulators are geniuses, right? How do they expect us to put a visible brand or a specific shape on a liquid product or a small product like a cannabis lozenge? Their regulations add to our costs, and in some cases are impossible to follow,” she said.

My friend complained that Colorado legal marijuana regulations are based on “an ongoing prejudice against marijuana” that discriminates against the marijuana industry and marijuana users.

She notes there are already requirements that marijuana edible packaging carry warnings, and that a “stop sign” stamp would send the message that “THC is bad, marijuana is bad.”

“There are many many products easily available to children that aren’t marked or labeled or sized or shaped so that children and others would know just by looking at them that the products are allegedly dangerous,” she said. “If state government wants to protect people, they need to look at pesticides, herbicides, junk food, ATVs, chainsaws, crossbows, fireworks, alcohol, guns, and a lot of other products that kids get hold of and use to harm themselves and others.”

My suggestion is that Colorado legal marijuana manufacturers and sellers provide everyone with a copy of this article that explains specifically how you can avoid overdosing on edible cannabinoid products.

And that adults use common sense and caution so children or adults don’t find a plate of yummy brownies infused with cannabinoids and eat five of them, unaware that they just dosed themselves with too many milligrams of THC!

I mean, let’s face it… people leave loaded guns where children can get them, and then the children use the guns to kill themselves and others. But Colorado regulators haven’t proposed that guns be branded with a warning label.

In fact, guns are less strictly regulated in Colorado than marijuana!

The proposed Colorado legal marijuana medibles regulations are an example of why I’m not 100% enthusiastic about so-called “legalization” infrastructure in Colorado.

We don’t need seed to sale tracking, government inspectors, warning labels, excessive fees for people who want to get into marijuana growing and dispensing.

What we need is common sense, not just from people who purchase marijuana edibles, but from regulators who right now seem intent on making life harder for the Colorado legal marijuana industry and marijuana consumers.

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