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Celebrating Marijuana: The Cannabis Culture

As hydroponics medical marijuana growers and users, we share cultural aspects that link us as comrades in what has been called a “cannabis culture.” What is our culture all about?
  • You can’t generalize accurately about the politics or demographics of our cannabis culture. You’ll find libertarians, hippies, greens, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, war veterans and peace activists…all united by love of cannabis. Tommy Chong, Willie Nelson, Governor Gary Johnson and many Hollywood celebs are part of the cannabis culture. The main element that unites us is we love what the marijuana plant does for us, and we resist those who interfere with our right to grow and enjoy marijuana.
  • The cannabis culture is an alternative movement with links to environmentalism, ecological awareness, and ethnobotany. As a culture united around entheogens (an entheogen is a plant used for medicinal and spiritual purposes), marijuana culture recognizes that Nature is kind. We’re amazed that the marijuana plant has figured out how to mimic natural neurotransmitters that elevate mood, decrease pain, increase appetite, relax muscles, fight cancer and provide many other medical and spiritual benefits. We recognize that marijuana is related botanically to hemp. The hemp plant is incredibly useful as an industrial crop that can be used to make food, fuel, fiber, paper, oil, plastic and many other products. Hemp is part of the cannabis culture, even though you don’t want hemp pollen to contaminate your Kush, Haze, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel , Blue Dream, Headband and other primo buds.
  • Cannabis Culture is a magazine and website created by marijuana seed entrepreneur and marijuana political activist Marc Emery. Cannabis Culture lasted for many years until Emery was arrested in 2005 in Canada by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He was charged and convicted for selling marijuana seeds to Americans. After that, the print magazine struggled along with inadequate funding because money Emery had contributed to it from marijuana seed sales was gone. Today, Cannabis Culture magazine lives on only in its website version, and Marc Emery is a prisoner in US federal prison in Mississipi. Emery’s imprisonment is rife with harsh conditions. He has been singled out because of his political views and his blogging from prison about prison abuses.
  • The marijuana culture is made up of people who love freedom. It’s a strange thing to see societies where plants are outlawed and people who love plants are made into outlaws. I’ve often said that if someone wanted to have a war against a plant, it maybe should have been poison oak☺ But seriously, the marijuana culture has in it a majority of people who are independent, ingenious, feisty and resilient.  That’s one reason that marijuana advocates have in the last 20 years turned America around to get medical marijuana legalized in so many states.

If you’re reading this and feeling happy and proud, that’s what it’s all about when you’re in the cannabis culture. Marijuana is a wonderful medicine. Those of us who grow hydroponics and outdoor marijuana are spreading cannabis joy and healing throughout the world!

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