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More YouTube Marijuana Video You’ve Got to Watch

Been reading articles about growing and using marijuana but you also want to watch informative and entertaining Youtube marijuana video shows that’ll improve your marijuana fun and safety? Well, grab your cannabis-butter popcorn and here we go… This useful Youtube marijuana video explains how to clean marijuana smoking devices so you taste the cannabinoids and […]

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Joe Rogan UFC

Joe Rogan UFC Marijuana DMT Comedy Videos Ultimate Fun Experience

Joe Rogan is one hell of a complex dude. He’s Joe Rogan UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight caller. He’s Joe Rogan, marijuana advocate. He’s Joe Rogan, DMT advocate. He’s Joe Rogan, Fear Factor host. He’s Joe Rogan, stand-up comedian. And he’s Joe Rogan, a brutal hunter who ridicules vegans and loves to kill animals. It’s […]

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making rosin

Making Rosin: The New, Clean, Solvent-Free, Potent Marijuana Extract

First, there was bud. Then there was sieved hashish. Then there was bubblehash and dry sift, and solvent extracts like butane honey oil, shatter, and budder. Now comes the newest and perhaps safest and strongest processed marijuana product: rosin. This solventless cannabis concentrate can be made quickly and easily from whole bud or from non-solvent […]

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Outdoor Cannabis Marijuana

Hunters of the Dank:
Give Thanks for Marijuana Videos!

Many of us, when we sit around at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or on the weekends inhaling marijuana, are accustomed to watching college football or the NFL. Or maybe we’re playing video games or watching movies. Me, I prefer to watch YouTube videos showing growers cultivating marijuana plants the size of trees. There are thousands of marijuana […]

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Videos to Watch High on Marijuana From A Wild & Smart LSD Girl

The lawyers for won’t let us explicitly endorse use of LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy), DMT, peyote, mescaline, and psilocybin mushrooms. But it’s no secret many marijuana users and growers are interested in other mind-altering substances, and that hallucinogens in general are being shown in clinical studies to be useful in psychotherapy and other helpful ways. […]

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