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Using Marijuana Successfully: Insider Skills


We’re growing potent marijuana, and some of us turn our buds into dabs and other ever more powerful concentrates.


Even in legalized marijuana states like Colorado and Washington, we still have to be careful about police, neighbors, and anyone else who might do us harm because we grow cannabis.


We also want to make sure we use cannabis in the most beneficial ways possible so we’re as healthy, alert, and happy as we can be.


That’s why has given you this guide to using marijuana for ultimate success, sexual pleasure, and overall life enhancement…

medical marijuana autism

Medical Marijuana: A “Cure” for Autism?

At a medical marijuana event, a man and his wife came up and quietly said they wanted to talk confidentially about how medical cannabis “cured autism” in their daughter. The woman held the hand of the 7-year-old girl who was the couple’s daughter. “Our daughter was diagnosed with autism,” the man said, “but look at […]

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how high

How High Can Marijuana Get You Before You Can’t Feel It Anymore?

My friend who grows the finest hydroponics marijuana says he isn’t enjoying marijuana buds anymore and is only using marijuana “concentrates” like bubblehash and budder. These concentrates are to regular marijuana what grain alcohol is to beer. “Doesn’t sound like a problem to me. What’s the worry?” I replied. “Most people would be envious of […]

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Never Get Busted:
A Drug Cop Schools Marijuana Growers & Users

Big surprise—marijuana growers don’t see police officers as their friends! But one former cop who loved busting marijuana users has changed sides, and he’s now helping our community fight back against the war on marijuana. The former drug cop’s name is Barry Cooper, and he’s been labeled a traitor by other police officers because he […]

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