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cannabis prisoner

Let Freedom Grow: Cannabis Prisoners Have A Friend On The Outside

The current attitude toward cannabis in the United States appears to be mostly progressive, with 10 states and the District of Columbia regulating cannabis for recreational use, and 23 other states for medicinal use. Other states are pushing some form of decriminalization legislation, taking the first step in the direction of regulation. Agricultural hemp has […]

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Colombian cannabis

Colombia Loosens Export Regulations, Gains Health Canada Authorization For Scientific Research

Latin America continues to develop as a potential font of legal cannabis supply globally, with the recent announcement of an exportation agreement between Colombia and Canada. Positioned to produce and export large-scale, low-cost cannabis, Colombia could very well become one of the largest providers of medicinal cannabis to the world. It is the first such […]

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cannabis legalization

Minor Possession Charges Still Disrupting Lives — Sometimes 50 Years Later

Federal cannabis prohibition in the United States received another well-deserved bit of shade in January, as California Senator Kamala Harris — who recently announced her intentions to run for president in 2020 — came out strong in support of cannabis legalization. She also stressed the need to erase nonviolent pot-possession infractions from the criminal records […]

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cannabis aging

Forever Young? THC Shows Promise In Anti-Aging Experiments

When a team of research scientists at the University of Bonn in Germany teamed up with researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem to release a study showing that THC “restores cognitive function in old mice,” the mainstream media reported that “marijuana reverses aging.” The headline sure got the attention of people like me who […]

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William Barr

Anti-Cannabis Attorney General Nominee Takes A Hands-Off Approach To Legalization

William Barr, who served as attorney general under George H.W. Bush, is President Donald Trump’s nominee to return to the post following the forced resignation of Jeff Sessions last November. Barr was recently questioned by Congress during his first confirmation hearing, and many of the inquiries regarded his past as an anti-drug warrior and how […]

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