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The Ballad Of The Dutch Grow Shop: How Staying Small Kept The Legendary Plantarium In Business

It should come as no surprise that the first European grow shop — a store that sells everything a cannabis grower needs — cropped up in the Netherlands. The year was 1985 and the proprietor was none other than Wernard “The Potfather” Bruining, who opened Amsterdam’s first coffee shop, Mellow Yellow, in 1972. Bruining called […]

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cannabis collective law

After 20-Plus Years, California’s Medical Marijuana Collective System Is About To Get Disrupted

If you’ve enjoyed legal cannabis in the US over the past couple of decades, you can thank a medical marijuana advocate for that. For more than 40 years, pro-cannabis activists from California to Washington, DC have rallied and lobbied on behalf of patients afflicted with ailments ranging from AIDS to epilepsy. California is the undeniable […]

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How To Stop The IRS From Stealing Your Hard-Earned Cannabis Cash

Cannabis may still not be legal at the federal level, but that doesn’t mean the US government will hesitate to get some of that hard-earned marijuana money. The Internal Revenue Service is highly motivated to get its hands on industry dollars, and many cannabis business owners aren’t armed with the proper knowledge needed to protect […]

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cannabis taxes

Compassion Program Facing Potential $200K Tax Bill On Donations

A San Francisco-based delivery service that supplies free medical marijuana to some 150 seriously ill and low-income patients has had to halt donations under the threat of a $200,000 tax bill. “This is a life or death issue,” says Joe Airone, who has run the Sweetleaf Collective since 1996. “The longer we take to rectify […]

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William Barr

The Barr Code: Trump Nominates Tough-On-Drugs AG To Take Over From Sessions

Following Jeff Sessions’ resignation as attorney general last month, the cannabis community has been waiting anxiously for the announcement of his replacement. And we didn’t have to wait long, as last Friday, December 7, President Trump announced his nomination for William P. Barr for the attorney general’s office. Although the cannabis community thought we had […]

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