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Racism in the Marijuana Industry and the Drug War?

The history of marijuana being illegal in the United States includes the fact that racism fueled cannabis criminalization. The federal agents who convinced Congress to criminalize marijuana in 1937 did so in part by claiming that blacks and Hispanics were the predominant users of marijuana, and that it made them violent and insane. The war […]

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Flow Kana

Flow Kana Organic Marijuana Growers Unite Against Corporate Marijuana for many years has been reporting that home marijuana growers, sometimes known as black market marijuana growers, feel there are plusses and minuses of marijuana “legalization.” We all want the police, courts, and governments to let us grow and sell marijuana in an open market. But what we’ve seen in marijuana legalization states, especially […]

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marijuana and pregnancy

Marijuana and Pregnancy, Part 2

In the first article in this series on marijuana and pregnancy (read here), I noted that cannabis has long been used by women to deal with the reproductive burden Nature has put on us. Marijuana and pregnancy go together well, because marijuana’s medical effects match the needs of many pregnant women, and women who have […]

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marijuana legalization

Reefer Madness Republican & Democratic Senators Attack Marijuana Legalization

The war on marijuana, the hatred of marijuana, and prejudice against marijuana growers and users was on full display in the United States Senate at a recent hearing. Long-time drug warriors—California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein and Iowa Republican Senator Charles Grassley—convened a hearing to slag the Department of Justice for not interfering more with marijuana […]

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Hawaii drug warrior

Hawaii Drug Warrior Now Wants to Profit From Marijuana Sales

Issac, a disabled Vietnam veteran who’s been growing outdoor pakalolo (Hawaiian weed) on Maui for decades, has nightmares about his encounter with a Maui-based helicopter company named Windward Aviation. He was tending his outdoor cannabis garden when he heard the sound of copters. It reminded him of the Vietnam War, and triggered PTSD panic. Stowing […]

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Marijuana And Pets

Giving Marijuana to Pets: Is It Ever the Right Thing To Do?

I’ve seen people give marijuana to pets as if it was a harmless joke. They’d blow marijuana smoke into the nostrils of a cat or dog, or they’d give their pets edible marijuana. Sometimes it was iguanas, snakes, guinea pigs, gerbils, bunnies, or other “exotic” animals people keep as pets. From what I’ve seen, cats […]

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Medical cannabis sanjay gupta pharmaceutical

Medical Marijuana For MS Patients

Medical marijuana patients Ladd and his friend Barbara live in Iowa. Both have been ill with multiple sclerosis (MS) for decades. Years ago, Ladd discovered that the US government was giving medical cannabis to a handful of patients for their illnesses through the federal Compassionate Investigational New Drug (IND) program. Ladd had already determined that […]

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Hydroponics Nutrients For Marijuana

Marijuana Nutrients Pioneer – King of Instagram

People sometimes ask why we mention Advanced Nutrients so often. The reason is we care only about what works best for you as a marijuana grower. We’re all marijuana growers here. We know nutrients make a big difference in how potent and profitable your marijuana grow op is. One of the first things we […]

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