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Costa Rica cannabis bill

With The Introduction Of New Oil-Only Cannabis Bill, Could Costa Rica Finally Be On Its Way To Legalization?

Progress has most certainly been made with regard to cannabis regulation in Costa Rica — however, to say the pace of change has been slow is something of an understatement. The Costa Rican government, considered a representative democratic republic, is set up in very similar ways to the United States government, with established executive, legislative […]

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Hemp, Hemp, Hooray: EPA Lays The Foundation For Hempcrete Research

Now that hemp is legal nationwide, the Environmental Protection Agency is beginning to explore its many uses. The agency recently announced that it will be funding research to look into sustainable ways of making concrete out of hemp. This material, commonly known as hempcrete, is much safer for the environment, and considering how much concrete […]

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Oklahoma cannabis

For Patients Seeking Access To Medical Cannabis, Oklahoma Is OK

As some states experience difficulty in launching their medical cannabis programs, it seems Oklahoma has hit the ground running with its program. The numbers are impressive. The state tax commission reported over $4.3 million in medical marijuana sales for the month of January alone, more than four times the sales of the previous month. The […]

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