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Colombian cannabis

Colombia Loosens Export Regulations, Gains Health Canada Authorization For Scientific Research

Latin America continues to develop as a potential font of legal cannabis supply globally, with the recent announcement of an exportation agreement between Colombia and Canada. Positioned to produce and export large-scale, low-cost cannabis, Colombia could very well become one of the largest providers of medicinal cannabis to the world. It is the first such […]

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medical marijuana dispensary

How To Prepare For Your First Medical Marijuana Care Appointment

Last fall, I signed up for the Medical Marijuana Program in Pennsylvania. I received my card in October and was eager to explore the dispensaries in the surrounding area. However, upon my first visit to a local dispensary, I was immediately overwhelmed. Although I’ve regularly visited states with adult-use recreational cannabis for the past four […]

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Everything You Wanted To Know About CBD But Were Afraid To Ask

The growing public obsession with cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s commonly known, has been a mixed bag. From the minute the “doesn’t get you high” version of medical marijuana began mainstreaming, scam artists and venture capitalists dove headfirst into the hemp-CBD racket, and the pharmaceutically minded went straight to parlaying that demand into proprietary and […]

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Puerto Rico medical cannabis

Could Cannabis Legalization Solve Puerto Rico’s Medical Marijuana Patient Problem?

Puerto Rico’s medical cannabis industry was built up fast, but there are not nearly enough registered patients to support it. More than three years after the US territory’s first regulations for a medical cannabis program were released, the estimated 100,000 or more patients the infrastructure was built to support is serving a patient population closer […]

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cannabis aging

Forever Young? THC Shows Promise In Anti-Aging Experiments

When a team of research scientists at the University of Bonn in Germany teamed up with researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem to release a study showing that THC “restores cognitive function in old mice,” the mainstream media reported that “marijuana reverses aging.” The headline sure got the attention of people like me who […]

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