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black market cannabis

In The Black: Is It Worth Your While Switching From Black-Market Growing To Legal?

Black-market cannabis growing has been good to me and many other cultivators. Back in 1995, when I had just started growing weed in California’s famed Emerald Triangle, me and my grower buddies first heard medical marijuana activist Dennis Peron being interviewed on the radio about legalization. Growers had mixed feelings about legalization then, and we […]

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growing cannabis indoors

Cold ’n’ Flowers: Why Winter Marks The Perfect Time Of Year For Growing Cannabis Indoors

In the Northern Hemisphere, October through April marks the most popular time of the year for growing cannabis indoors, largely thanks to professional indoor grow lights (especially high intensity discharge grow lights) providing heat to indoor spaces. Cannabis plants don’t thrive in excessive heat, so if you’re embarking on an indoor summer grow, air conditioning […]

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