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The Ultimate Cannabis Cultivator’s Toolkit: Low-Cost Must-Have Gadgets And Goodies For Your Grow Room

Having just finished my annual cannabis cultivation season, I was doing my customary grow-room cleanout and sanitization, when it dawned on me how many little gadgets, tools and super-cool grow-centric gear I have in my collection. No, not the big-ticket items, like grow lights or hydroponics systems — I’m talking about the inexpensive materials and […]

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outdoor cannabis growing

Inside Out? How To Transplant, Time And Harden Your Cannabis Plants For The Outdoor Grow Season

If you’ve never attempted outdoor cannabis cultivation, you might not understand why it’s worth the painstaking effort of prepping your plants for the harsh outside environment. But when you see monster plants growing the size of trees, with each one yielding a kilo or more of dried buds, you’ll swiftly understand why outdoor growing is […]

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home growing

Grey-Area Gardens: How To Successfully Advocate For Home-Growing Legislation

As more states introduce recreational cannabis legislation, more lawmakers are adding provisions related to social justice, including expungement programs, social equity programs and resentencing guidelines. In these lawmaking discussions, legal at-home cultivation remains a must for debate, but it isn’t always brought to the frontline of said discussion when it comes to rewriting the law. […]

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