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Cannabis Sex Advice: An Introduction to More Enjoyable Marijuana Sex

Sex and marijuana! Two of our favorite things, right?

They deliver intense, reliable pleasure, and that’s why we love them.

And when you use marijuana to increase your sexual pleasure, you reach new highs of sensuality.

Even though I’m an attractive young woman who grew up “sexually liberated” and I’ve had several lovers, sex had never been more than interesting fun, combined with worries about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases.

Then I read an article describing marijuana as Viagra for women, and it changed my sex life for the better.

The article provides precise instructions on how to use marijuana sex extracts as aphrodisiacs administered inter-vaginally.

At first I wasn’t sure the marijuana sex advice in the article would work.

It seemed almost too kinky or powerful, or maybe a bit too wild, for me.

But as a California medical marijuana cardholder and marijuana grower I have easy access to the strongest marijuana extracts, so I followed the instructions in the article and had the most amazing sexual pleasure of my life.

That first experience using a marijuana sex extract as an aphrodisiac set me on a course of research and experimentation.

What I discovered is that marijuana makes sex wayyyyy better!

Then I contacted the editor and asked if I could write articles about sex and marijuana.

His “yes” is why you’re seeing my sex and marijuana articles here on a regular basis.

Of course, many people have written about using marijuana to make your sex life better.

I’ve read almost everything they’ve written and noticed that most marijuana and sex information was put forward before the medical marijuana industry had created ultra-pure marijuana extracts, and also before marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington made it easier for marijuana to go mainstream.

One of the funniest things I saw was that government officials who convinced the government to make marijuana illegal in 1937 said that marijuana’s ability to enhance sex could make young people into “crazed sex fiends.”

We should only be so lucky, right?

Now that the marijuana industry has perfected clean, safe, powerful extracts, it’s time for us to create a totally updated approach to marijuana and sex.

That’s what I’ll be giving you in these articles: the most intimate and useful information on marijuana and sex.

You’ll find out how marijuana can be used not just to increase sexual desire, but also to increase sexual performance, orgasms, and safety.

How to keep marijuana from causing sexual problems.

How to use marijuana as a way of building strong relationships that lead to better sex.

And which marijuana strains and marijuana end-products (bud versus extracts) are best when you’re looking to enjoy marijuana as an aphrodisiac.

Sex is a very personal, individualistic topic. What works for me might not work exactly the same way for you, and it’s the same way for using marijuana.

But because we all love the natural, honest, and kind pleasures provided by sex and marijuana, these articles are sure to enhance your good feelings in a safe, exciting way.

Use our search function to look for more articles on marijuana sex.

You’re going to love what you learn!

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