cannabis gift ideas

Cannabis Gift Guide: The Best Ideas For The Weed Lover In Your Life

The holidays are right around the corner — but what to get your favorite cannabis connoisseur? Have no fear, we’re here to help! From your mom who loves to cook with cannabutter or infused oil, to your neighbor who’s just starting to come into their own as a budding home grower, to your friend who’s a tech-savvy cultivator, we’ve got you covered, having scoured the net to find the newest, best, most interesting cannabis-themed gifts for everyone on your list.

Follow these guidelines and we promise that not only will you be a big hit with your friends and family, but these gifts will make even the pickiest, Scrooge-iest of your group get into the holiday spirit!

For The Home Canna Chef

cannabis gift ideas

MagicalButter ensures that your cannabutter or infused oil will be completely smooth.

MagicalButter ($174.95)

For the cannabis-loving friend or parent who fancies themselves a Top Chef in the kitchen, why not get them something that combines both hobbies? The MagicalButter kitchen gadget — “the world’s first countertop Botanical Extractor” — is the perfect way to get your home cook experimenting with edibles.

The various accessories that come with MagicalButter ensure that your cannabutter or infused oil will be completely smooth — no ground-up chunks of herb causing weird textures or taste. And unlike making your own butter on the stove top, there will be no issues with leaving it unattended and having it come out burnt or bitter. This gift will make the chef in your life eager to start preparing all sorts of infused edibles. And who knows, they may be so grateful that they’ll let you sample some of their creations!

For The Budding Or Expert Home Grower

cannabis gift ideas

The Goldleaf journal includes sections for documenting your feeding schedule, light cycle, nutrients and more.

Goldleaf The Grow Planner ($16.99)

Know someone who is in the early stages of learning to grow cannabis at home? Have a friend who’s a skilled grower but needs a little organizational help? Then Goldleaf’s journal-style Grow Planner is the perfect holiday gift.

This beautiful journal includes sections for documenting your feeding schedule, light cycle, nutrients and more, including a space for note taking. Your favorite home grower will be able to keep tabs on all sorts of vital information including monthly or yearly outlooks, stay fresh on various growing-related terms, and enjoy all of the little details Goldleaf has included within its beautiful planner.

For The Beauty-Conscious Grow Boss

cannabis gift ideas

Choose from CannaSmack’s hemp-based lip balms or Luxe skincare line.

CannaSmack Products ($2.99–$151)

The beauty of cannabis is that its benefits can be enjoyed in many ways, which means more opportunities for creative gifts! Do you have a friend who is always on top of all the latest aesthetic finds? Then a cannabis, hemp or CBD-infused skincare or cosmetic product is perfect for them, as it’s one of the hottest trends in beauty right now. CannaSmack has a variety of products for every budget, so you can find some hemp-based lip balms for $3 (perfect for stocking stuffers!), to more pricey items like the CannaSmack Luxe skincare line that helps nourish and restore a tired complexion.

For The Tech-Savvy Grower

cannabis gift ideas

With 100 grinds per charge, the E-Shredder only takes three seconds to shred your cannabis flower.

E-Shredder by Aux Tools ($199.99)

It seems like almost every day there are new tech-based products coming to market to make our lives easier, and this doesn’t exclude the cannabis world. The E-Shredder is just one example of what’s out there for growers.

With 100 grinds per charge, the E-Shredder only takes three short seconds to shred up your cannabis flower to help you make the perfect joint. Shred for 10 seconds and you’ve got yourself some fine, powder-like kief. It also comes with an odor-proof bag to make toting it around town a cinch. The E-Shredder is the perfect present for any tech lover, from your friend who has trouble getting finely ground flower for their joints, to the grower who needs to grind bulk amounts within minutes.

For The Smoker On The Go

cannabis gift ideas

It doesn’t matter if you prefer flower or concentrates, The Nuggy Hybrid can do it all.

Nuggy Hybrid ($46.95)

We all have that one friend who’s always on the move, and for them the Nuggy Hybrid makes the perfect present. This pocket-sized gizmo includes everything they’ll need to smoke on the go — and with the new hybrid version, it doesn’t matter if they prefer flower or concentrates, the Nuggy can do it all. With six separate tools, this Nuggy (which is smaller and lighter than the original), is just the right size for your wandering buddy!

For Your Vaping BFF

cannabis gift ideas

The Dipper Vaporizer is compact enough to toss in your bag, and the rose gold is stylish and sleek.

Rose-Gold Dipper Vaper ($149.99)

Your best friend is someone who has seen you through thick and thin, so why not reward them with a gift fit for a king or queen? The Dipper utilizes a quartz crystal atomizer that allows the user to load it like a traditional pack-and-go pen, but still provides a true dab hit. It’s compact enough to toss in a purse or tote, and the rose gold is both stylish and sleek. Treat your bestie to the best this holiday season with this innovative vape pen.

For The Sophisticated Art Lover

cannabis gift ideas

Combining style and substance, Goldleaf Prints are the perfect canna-decor.

Goldleaf Prints (Starting at $18.99)

An artsy find for the art lover and cannabis enthusiast in your life? It’s true! As cannabis becomes much more mainstream, folks are less inhibited about showcasing their love for this powerful, potent plant. Now, thanks to Goldleaf, there are a variety of cannabis-related prints that would look perfect in the kitchen, living room or home office. For example, this visual of the history of cannabis is not only informative, but would fit in perfectly with someone who appreciates mid-century decor. Combining style and substance, these prints are the perfect canna-adornment!

For The Vape Snob

cannabis gift ideas

The Firefly 2 works with both flower and concentrates, making it a powerful all-in-one.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer ($329.95)

We all have that one loved one who always has the newest and best when it comes to cannabis accessories. Trust us when we say that person will appreciate the Firefly 2, a vape that transcends all the rest. The Firefly 2 works with both flower and concentrates, making it a powerful all-in-one in a pretty package. It also connects to a downloadable app, so you can adjust the temperature right from your phone. The combination of tech and sleek design make this vape the perfect present for even your pickiest of pals!

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