marijuana speedballA marijuana speedball makes your marijuana high more energetic and fun.

What You Can Do With a Marijuana Speedball

I like to get high and create music, do exercise, watch 3-D movies, train in martial arts, take photos of my cannabis plants.

But sometimes when I get high especially with Kush, I get way too much muscle relaxation and mental chill-out.

I feel so sedated—like a big, heavy blob.

So I looked for ways to be extremely high, but still have body energy to get things done.

I experimented with different forms and doses of caffeine products to complement my marijuana high.

I’m not one of those people who dose with 5-hour energy drinks or coffee on a daily basis.

I use caffeine only as an exercise aid, once or twice a week.

Because I don’t use caffeine frequently, I feel very clearly how caffeine sharpens me up, gives me extra stamina and motivation.

When I use cannabis along with it, I get the cannabis high combined with the upward momentum of the caffeine high.

I’ve also experimented with using “smart drugs” as a cannabis high enhancer.

Smart drugs are synthetic or natural substances that work in cholinergic, dopaminergic and other powerful neurotransmitter systems.

They can give you improved cognitive abilities and memory.

They can increase focus and creativity.

Read here for a how-to on smart drugs.

When I combine a stimulant or smart drug with marijuana, I call the result a “marijuana speedball.”

Just remember: smart drugs and substances like caffeine interact with each of us differently.

You’d want to have medical advice before using them.

I enjoy combining the smart drug Nootropil with cannabis.

It’s great to use Nootropil with a 50-50 mix of Indica and Sativa.

It gives me a high that’s like a fun 3-D animated movie in my head, and a total pain-free relaxation in my body.

For exercise, I love taking this specific green tea time-release capsule, waiting an hour for the caffeine and other ingredients to take effect, then getting high on cannabis with Haze origins such as Galactic Jack from Subcool Seeds.

One crazy thing is that in the world of hard narcotics, a “speedball” is what you get by combining a stimulant like cocaine or meth with a sedative narcotic like heroin.

The hard drugs version of a speedball is deadly.

It’s killed many people, including famous people like comedian John Belushi and actor Philip Seymour-Hoffman.

We wish they’d been using marijuana speedballs instead.

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